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Rackham Board of Governors

The Rackham Board of Governors was established according to the terms of the Rackham bequest, which was accepted by the Board of Regents in September 1935. The bequest calls for the continued existence of this body. The President of the University serves as Chair of the Board and the Rackham Dean serves as Secretary. The three other members serve six-year terms. The Board itself approves the appointment of new members as vacancies arise.

Purpose of the Board

The purpose of the Board of Governors is three-fold.

Investment Strategy

To review the investment strategy of the endowment funds (which are co-mingled with the University’s general endowment) to assure they are handled in a responsible way

Annual Budget

To approve an annual budget for use of the funds as proposed by the Rackham Dean

Represent Horace and Mary Rackham

To represent Horace and Mary Rackham by enforcing the terms of the bequest and applying them when questions arise, for example, for special use of funds, issues related to the Rackham Building, terms of Board members, etcetera.


Santa J. Ono

President, University of Michigan; Chair, Board of Governors

Michael J. Solomon

Dean, Rackham Graduate School; Vice Provost for Academic Affairs – Graduate Studies, University of Michigan

Anthony W. England

Dean Emeritus, Professor Emeritus of Electrical and Computer Engineering, College of Engineering and Computer Science, the University of Michigan-Dearborn and Professor Emeritus of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Michigan

Lisa A. Tedesco

Dean, Laney Graduate School; Vice Provost for Academic Affairs – Graduate Studies, Emory University

Damon A. Williams

Expert in Strategic Diversity Leadership, Youth Development, Corporate Responsibility, and Organizational Change