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Rackham Branding Guide

This guide serves as a design and editorial reference for Rackham standards with regard to accessibility, typography, color, logos, and style. If you have a question about or suggestion for anything included here, please email the communications team.

Why do we need this guide anyway?

On a high level, this guide allows us to establish and maintain a visual identity by which people throughout the University of Michigan and beyond recognize communications from Rackham Graduate School. In an increasingly complex and crowded media environment, a strong and consistent identity reinforces our visibility and credibility. It helps us to project a strong and consistent message.

On another, equally important level, the guidelines contained here align with the university’s resolve to provide equal access to information and services for all students, faculty, and staff. As part of Rackham’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, it is essential that our communications meet or exceed accessibility standards and adhere to university best practices. From colors to fonts, our choices were made in accordance with U-M brand guidelines and with an eye toward legibility, accessibility, and style in everything we do. This guide is very much an exercise in form and function.

The identity elements we use to represent Rackham are about much more than the proper size or placement of a logo. They’re about consistent communication. About achieving a common look and feel. About speaking with a shared voice. By adhering to our identity in all communications—digital, print, and multimedia—we represent Rackham Graduate School in a way that is effective, recognizable, and accessible to all.