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The Main Lobby of the Rackham Building (located just inside the Washington Street entrance) is the perfect location for receptions and refreshments for events held in the Auditorium. For most receptions, groups utilize the two large pedestal tables located in this area (additional folding tables can be added if necessary). The lobby is also the ideal location to use as a registration area for conferences being held in the Auditorium.

The Lobby cannot be reserved for receptions unless the Auditorium is also booked (see Auditorium). Groups using the fourth floor can setup registration tables in the Lobby as long as it is not reserved for a reception by a group using the Auditorium. If a group using the Auditorium wishes to reserve the Lobby for a reception, it must be booked separately.

Lobby Use Rates
Group No Food Food
U-M Student Organizations No Charge $20
University Departments and Programs $150
Non-university Organizations $246

Room use rates are reviewed annually and are subject to change.

Equipment Available

  • Folding tables (for receptions and registration areas)
  • Folding chairs (for registration area)
  • Campus phone (for registration area)

Room Limitations

  • While groups are allowed to use the Lobby for registration, refreshment, or reception purposes, this area is the main entrance for the building; access to the building must remain available at all times. Additional tables may only be placed around and parallel to the perimeter of this room.
  • The two large pedestal tables in the lobby cannot be moved or removed.

U-M Student Organizations

If a student organization fails to cancel a room reservation at least 14 days prior to the scheduled event (45 days for the Amphitheatre and/or Assembly Hall), the group will be charged for the University Department No Food rate.