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Each year, nearly 900 doctoral and more than 2,100 master’s degree recipients join the Rackham alumni community. A global network of more than 115,000 alums, Rackham grads continue to discover innovative solutions to the world’s most complex questions, establishing themselves as leaders in their fields.

Through mentorship and philanthropic giving, they also provide a strong foundation upon which current students can thrive during their time on campus, setting them up for success once they leave.

Recent Alumni Stories

Exploring Diversity in STEM

Exploring Diversity in STEM

Diversity in STEM fields has been a challenge for decades. To better understand the dynamics involved, one Rackham alum looks at the experiences of those entering and engaged in STEM study.

Love and Robots

Love and Robots

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we look at the research of alum Sven Nyholm, whose work includes exploring the possibilities and ethics of robot romance.

Honor Roll of Donors

We are so grateful for your support of graduate students.

Rackham Report

A look at the milestones and accomplishments the U-M graduate community has achieved together over the last year.

An Impact Unlike Any Other

“Rackham students pursue advanced studies, research, and training in every school and college in the university. Your gift can help them every step along the way, from the day they first walk in the doors of the Rackham Building for orientation to the moment they walk back through as graduates ready to help shape our world.”

Rackham Alumni Diversity Council

The Alumni Diversity Council brings together alumni and friends of the graduate school to share their knowledge, perspective, and connections to develop, promote, and sustain DEI efforts across Rackham’s local, national, and global communities through strategic action.

Rackham Career Pathways Council

The Rackham Career Pathways Council brings together alumni and friends of the graduate school who are today’s leaders to share their knowledge, perspective, and connections in ways that will create the opportunities and experiences Rackham students need to reach their full potential and become tomorrow’s leaders in a global society.

Useful Information for Alumni

How can I update my contact information?

You can use the U-M Alumni Record Update Form to update your home address, business address, telephone number, fax number, or email address.

You may also contact our office to update your information:

Rackham Graduate School
University of Michigan
915 E. Washington Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1070
Telephone: (734) 764-1125
Fax: (734) 936-2848
Email: [email protected]

How can I support Rackham Graduate Students?

Visit our Make a Gift page to learn how you can support Rackham Graduate Students.

Where can I obtain a copy of my diploma or transcript?

Contact the Registrar to request a replacement diploma or official copy of your transcript.

Where can I purchase a hood?

The Michigan Union Bookstore, located in the basement of the Michigan Union, sells hoods to graduating students, alumni, and faculty.

How can I learn more about career and placement services?

Contact the University’s Career Center to learn more about current services for students and alumni.