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Martha and Ernie first became acquainted with Rackham in 1965. Martha was a Latin major and a teaching fellow, and Ernie was an M.P.H. student.

With the skills she strengthened in the graduate program, Martha pursued a teaching career in business and technical writing for college students and professionals. Ernie went on to his Ph.D. studies, and Rackham resources were essential to the success of his dissertation research. His studies provided the foundation to his career in program design and development, and medical education administration.

“We felt a strong obligation to Rackham, its resources, and the support it provided. Thus in 2004 we established an endowment to provide Rackham graduate students with seed money grants to develop and conduct their research studies. We anticipate that these studies will contribute to the advancement of knowledge in Classical Studies and promote quality and effectiveness in the delivery of medical services. Our biggest reward is meeting the students we have supported and learning about the research they are doing.”