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This year, ten U-M researchers, scholars, and students will be among the newest inductees into the Edward Alexander Bouchet Graduate Honor Society. Named for Edward Alexander Bouchet, the first African-American to earn a doctorate in an American university (Physics), the society recognizes those who exemplify scholarship, leadership, character, service and advocacy for students who have been traditionally underrepresented in the academy.

“These scholars have paved a path for others at the University of Michigan and within their respective disciplines because of their demonstrated commitments to make a positive impact on the academy. This year’s extraordinary inductees truly embody the spirit and characteristics of Dr. Bouchet’s legacy and have already begun to develop their own,” says Dr. Mark Kamimura-Jimenez, Director of Rackham’s Graduate Student Success.

The following inductees for 2016 have been invited to attend the Edward A. Bouchet Conference April 1-2, 2016 at the Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, during which they will be inducted into the society for their contributions and achievements:

Tizoc Cruz-Gonzalez, Ph.D. Candidate, Mechanical Engineering
Natalie Davis, Ph.D. Candidate, Educational Foundations and Policy
Fantasy Lozada, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Psychology
Courtney McCluney, Ph.D. Candidate, Psychology
Valentina Montero-Roman, Ph.D. Candidate, English Language and Literature
Kimberly Reyes, Ph.D. Candidate, Higher and Postsecondary Education
Mauro Rodriguez, Ph.D. Candidate, Mechanical Engineering
Latisha Ross, Ph.D. Candidate, Education and Psychology
Kelly Slay, Ph.D. Candidate, Higher and Postsecondary Education
Jorge Soler, Ph.D. Candidate, Health Behavior and Health Education

Yale University and Howard University formed the founding chapters of the Bouchet Graduate Honor Society on September 15, 2005 in commemoration of Dr. Bouchet’s birthday. Since then, other universities, including the University of Michigan, formed Bouchet Graduate Honor Society chapters to demonstrate their commitment to developing a network of exceptional and diverse scholars in graduate education. The staff and administration at Rackham extend their congratulations to these distinguished recipients!