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Sheila Waterhouse

Alumni Spotlight: Robin Garrell

Like so many Rackham alumni, Robin Garrell’s career path evolved into something she never expected. She remembers, “I went to Michigan with the intention to go into industry. It wasn’t until into my fourth year that I thought maybe I’d consider an academic job. This...

Student Spotlight: Cat Saint-Croix

Philosophy was always part of her academic plans, but interest became infatuation when she found philosophy of science. She says, “this careful, analytical approach to foundational questions drew me in—I realized that I just wanted to keep studying philosophy.” She...

Alumni Spotlight: Garrick Hu

Most students never know just how much that first job out of college can influence your career. For Garrick Hu, the University of Michigan played a central role not only in advancing his academic journey but shaping his industry focus with that one first job....

Alumni Spotlight: Roy Hudson

Roy Hudson didn’t start out with aspirations to be a university president. He didn’t consider executive management a potential career option. He figured his options were fairly straightforward, hoping he could extend his GI bill to cover most of a Master’s degree...

Scenes from the Dean’s Office

Carol finds time to maintain her research lab in the chemistry department. Her lab researches the chemical mechanism and structure-function relationships of important biological molecules. There, she supports and mentors research scientists, postdoctoral fellows,...
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