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Sheila Waterhouse

Student Spotlight: Veronica Rabelo

“I have absolutely fallen in love with teaching.” And she’s good at it, too. One of ten Outstanding Graduate Student Instructors in 2015, Veronica excels at engaging students in the classroom. She credits her undergraduate women’s studies class with pulling her into...

Student Spotlight: Patricia Chen

“I’ve always been interested in psychology. Since I was young I had self-help and pop psychology books all over my house.” From Singapore, Patricia came to U-M for her undergraduate degree and continued for graduate school. She says, “My decision to come here was to...

Alumni Spotlight: Hugh Kendrick

Hugh Kendrick was chased by a lion twice when on foot, found a home away from home via a ship from England, and spent his career hiring and being hired by U-M alumni. Rackham alum Hugh Kendrick is preparing for a reunion trip with a group he and his wife Wendy met on...

Student Spotlight: Ishita Das

“All the grad students seemed normal, like they enjoyed being in grad school.” That was Ishita’s first impression when she interviewed at U-M with PIBS (the Program in Biomedical Sciences). She explains, “The Michigan environment was so welcoming. It stood out a lot...

Student Spotlight: Eli Fahrenkrug

Imagine buying solar cells for your home at Target. The research Eli Fahrenkrug is developing could make that a reality. His dissertation research has developed a process that could lead to mass produced, affordable solar energy, reducing the cost of manufacturing to...
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