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Student Voices

I Am a Ph.D. Student from a Muggle Family

Recently, more than halfway through my second year of graduate school, I experienced a major breakdown. On my two, three-hour flights that took me back home to Colombia, I questioned my sudden decision to retreat for three weeks to get myself together. “Is this going...

It Takes a Village!

Promoting linguistically and culturally competent language services in community settings has been a dream of mine for many years. This dream was forged thorough years of work as a Spanish medical interpreter at the University of Michigan Health System, and as a...

Explore Michigan: Winter Fun in the Mitten

The days are short and the weather is cold and snowy. Don't fret though, because you live in Michigan, where there's enjoyment to be had in all seasons. Winter is one of my personal favorites because there are so many activities that you can only do when the...