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Discover Rackham

The Benefits of Coaching Conversations

Rackham professional development and academic development program manager Deborah S. Willis gives advice on how to incorporate coaching conversations into your graduate school or postdoctoral experience.

Graduate Education Reform, Starting with Advising

In a new article from Inside Higher Ed, Rackham Associate Dean for Academic Programs and Initiatives Rita Chin discussed how to reform graduate education, particularly the advising process, to best serve students and their careers.

A Scholar and a Trailblazer

Forty-two years passed between the first and second black men to earn a Ph.D. in physics. Edward Bouchet became the first, completing his doctoral degree at Yale University in 1876. The second was the University of Michigan’s own Elmer Imes in 1918. Now,...

Football to an Advanced Degree

“I couldn’t have written the script for the path I travelled.” For Rackham alum George Hoey, grad school wasn’t in the original plan. Then again, neither was playing in the NFL. If you ask him, he’ll tell you the plan didn’t really...