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In recognition of his nearly three decades of commitment to and advocacy for international students, Rackham Assistant Dean John Godfrey has been named the 2021 recipient of the U-M President’s Award for Distinguished Service in International Education.

Helping U-M’s growing population of international students, which stands at about 8,500 today, has been central to Godfrey’s career since he first came to the university in 1993 to serve as the associate director for the founding of the International Center. Since then, he has helped build partnerships between U-M and universities around the world.

During his U-M career, Godfrey established the university’s International Travel Oversight Committee, directed assistance to travelers during the Arab Spring and Fukushima earthquake, took part in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals subcommittee, and continues working to ensure international students can successfully navigate the ever-changing landscape of the COVID-19 world.

“I commend Dr. Godfrey for his outstanding commitment to international education and stalwart dedication to our students,” U-M President Mark Schlissel says. “His remarkable body of work has made U-M a welcoming, highly sought campus, and he has fostered greater understanding of our world. I’ve also benefited from his advice on a range of important matters and thank him for his important service to U-M.”

Godfrey serves as chair of the Wallenberg Committee and as adviser to Graduate Rackham International, a student organization aimed at fostering a sense of community for international graduate students.

“Michigan has been a leading international university for decades,” Godfrey says. “It’s been an honor to have had the opportunity to work alongside remarkably dedicated and knowledgeable faculty and staff from across the university, and to have been able to make a difference to students.”

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