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My role as Rackham Resolution Officer is to help graduate students and postdocs resolve concerns, problems, or conflicts with regards to University policies, procedures, and decisions. The services of the Resolution Officer are available to all Rackham graduate students and postdocs. The Resolution Officer provides a confidential and neutral place to express concerns. Individuals work with me to identify steps to achieve a timely and fair resolution to a problem. I’m interested in both issue resolution and prevention in resolving both academic and non-academic concerns.

Contact Rackham’s Resolution Officer If You

  • Have a problem or conflict involving the University and don't know where to go to solve it.
  • Feel your concerns are not being heard.
  • Need information about policies and procedures affecting you.
  • Believe your rights have been violated or you have not been given due process.
  • Need help to resolve or mediate a dispute with faculty or administrative staff.
  • Feel you have been treated unfairly or insensitively.
  • Have a death in the family or other personal or family emergency and you are seeking resources for assistance.

I encourage you to contact me at the earliest stages of a problem so that I can assist before your problem escalates.

You can contact me by email, or by phone, 734.936.1647. Please remember that email is not recommended for confidential discussions.