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Carol finds time to maintain her research lab in the chemistry department. Her lab researches the chemical mechanism and structure-function relationships of important biological molecules. There, she supports and mentors research scientists, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students and undergraduate students.

Carol and her dog Sunny.

Carol and Sunny

Carol spent the last several months as a volunteer training Sunny to be a therapy dog. Sunny occasionally accompanies her to her research office and to Rackham. “This is my first therapy dog and it has been such a great experience. Sunny just passed her therapy dog certification and is now ready to visit hospitals, schools and nursing homes. Visits to the University of Michigan have really helped socialize her.”

Carol with students at the Barbour Luncheon.

Barbour Luncheon

One of her highlights as dean is celebrating accomplished graduate students. Carol recognized new Barbour Scholarship awardees and welcomed Barbour alumni at a recent lunch reception.

Carol and guests at the ProQuest Distinguished Dissertation Awards.

ProQuest Distinguished Dissertation Awards

Each year ten returning alumni are acknowledged with a ProQuest Distinguished Dissertation Award. Carol thanks the management team from ProQuest for their decades support for this program.

Carol speaking at a Public Scholarship event.

Carol speaking at a Public Scholarship event

Cornerstone offerings like the Program in Public Scholarship give students exceptional and unique opportunities they can’t find elsewhere on campus.

Carol walking across Ingalls Mall toward Rackham.

Carol walking across Ingalls Mall toward Rackham.

It’s a good thing we have this beautiful, walkable campus. Meetings with deans, directors, and the Provost get her out of the building and into the heart of Central Campus.

Carol meeting with Rackham staff.

Carol meeting with Rackham staff

Carol works closely with the 70 plus Rackham staff to administer graduate education for more than 8,200 master's and PhD students across the U-M campus.

Carol working in her office at Rackham.

Carol working in her office at Rackham

“The dean’s office in Rackham is one of the most beautiful places on campus. It’s a good thing, since I spend so much time here!”