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Literature, Science, and the Arts

Afro-Luso-Brazilian Studies

Organized around multiple fields and disciplines reflecting the cultural richness and diversity of nations throughout the Portuguese-speaking world, as well as the varied expertise of faculty at RLL and LSA at large, the graduate certificate will offer students an...

American Culture

The American Culture doctoral program is designed as a flexible, rigorous, interdisciplinary graduate studies curriculum. Students develop knowledge of both the field of American studies and of the contributing disciplinary fields. The AC graduate curriculum tries to...


The Anthropology Department PhD Program is a dynamic intellectual community formed by faculty and students in a mutual quest to understand the human condition in all its variety, past and present.

Anthropology and History

The Doctoral Program in Anthropology and History offers an exciting opportunity for talented students to receive instruction and professional certification in both disciplines. This joint-degree program is the first of its kind to institutionalize the ongoing...