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Michigan Engineering

Rackham North: Demonstrating a Commitment to Diversity

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) aptitude is now highly valued by many employers, both within and beyond academe. This interactive workshop will 1) show how employers are evaluating DEI in job interviews, 2) provide opportunities for reflection on how you...

Rackham North: Cultural Competencies During the Interview Process

Attend this session to learn more about inclusive interviewing from both sides. We will talk about how cultural awareness and experiences influence power dynamics during an interview. We will also discuss how employers might structure a culturally competent interview....

Rackham North: Leading Effective Collaborative Teams

The shape of research, creative scholarship, and teaching is in flux. In order to thrive, students and practitioners need to have the skills and knowledge to excel in collaborative team environments. However, most team leaders and facilitators have trouble helping...
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