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Michigan Engineering

Online: Rackham North—Designing Your Curriculum Vitae

In light of COVID-19 and in alignment with university policy, Rackham is delivering our professional and academic programming when possible in alternative formats. This workshop will not be held in person but instead will be offered using Zoom technology. Please be...

Cancelled: Rackham North—Investing Fundamentals

This event has been cancelled. As you transition from student to professional, you are finally able to start saving. But how? In this session, Andrea Darden—financial planner and CEO of Darden Wealth Group—will go over basic principles to get you started investing...

Rackham North: Racial Microaggressions

Racial microaggressions can be uniquely harmful to their targets, and yet we often times find ourselves skirting around this subset of microaggressions due to the discomfort of openly discussing race, racism, and white supremacy. In this workshop we hope to foster an...
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