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Brian DeVree’s research on intended binding sites for pharmaceutical drug targets contributed to the Nobel Peace Prize. Yan Long collected enough research on the emergence of AIDS and AIDS advocacy in China for three dissertations. Kerry Ard’s research on the geographic and temporal changes in the relationship between poverty, race and pollution has never been done before.

These are three of the exceptional dissertations completed by Rackham students in 2013. While all graduating Rackham students produce dissertations of quality, some students write dissertations that are truly exceptional for the high caliber of their scholarship and for the significance and interest of their findings. We recognize these exceptional dissertations with the ProQuest Distinguished Dissertation Awards.

Dissertations are nominated for the award by University faculty members who have served as chairs of dissertation committees of outstanding students. The nominations are read by a review panel composed of members of the Michigan Society of Fellows, with assistance from other members of the University faculty and research community. In 2013 Rackham students submitted a total of 853 dissertations.

Download the program from the ProQuest Distinguished Dissertation Awards

Austin McLean and Kirk Tolly from ProQuest
Austin McLean and Kirk Tolly from ProQuest. The awards are co-sponsored by ProQuest, which publishes nearly 90,000 dissertations and theses annually, including those by University of Michigan authors.

The award recipients come from a wide range of programs:

  • Michael Anderson, Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • Kerry Ard, Sociology and Natural Resources and Environment
  • Aaron Armbruster, Physics
  • Matthew Cohn, Classical Studies
  • Brian DeVree, Chemical Biology
  • Federico Helfgott, Anthropology and History
  • Sara Jackson, Germanic Languages and Literatures
  • Jongho Kim, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Dongyoon Lee, Computer Science and Engineering
  • Yan Long, Women’s Studies and Sociology

So, too, were those singled out for honorable mention:

  • Andrew Bozio, English Language and Literature
  • Nicole Broekema, Microbiology and Immunology
  • Andre Cavalcante, Communication Studies
  • William Gignac, Mathematics
  • John King, Chemistry
  • Alexander Olson, American Culture
  • Julie Posselt, Center for the Study of Higher and Postsecondary Education
  • Michelle Wynn, Bioinformatics