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Over 500 Rackham alums have joined the Alumni Profiles database to serve as a resource for graduate students. They want you to have the chance to learn from their career paths and experiences to make graduate school more successful for future Rackham alumni.

This searchable tool allows students to find alums from different geographic locations, industries, and disciplines. Searching 'postdoc' or 'Duke University' or 'Education and Psychology' or 'New Jersey' will filter relevant content that can inform students regarding unique career paths and advice.

Example of an entry in the Alumni Profiles.

Example of an entry in the Alumni Profiles.

There’s a lot of helpful information to be found in this database, particularly regarding career development and thinking beyond graduate school.

Below is some sage advice from alumni on how to maximize your years as a graduate student:

“More and more, scholars and artists with graduate degrees are being asked to act as bridges between academia and the community. Having experience in “public humanities” work is invaluable: be prepared to connect your scholarly or artistic practice to a broader community beyond the academy; practice modulating your self-presentation to groups both in and outside of academia; expand the context for your scholarly or artistic work beyond the book or the gallery.” – Jim Leija, M.F.A., Art & Design

“I took full advantage of Rackham's workshops as a student (2003-2010). In comparison with other schools, U-M uniquely serves its graduate students. Take as many cross-disciplinary courses as you can. Stay connected with past and present graduate colleagues; they are your networking ticket to a satisfying career ('Go Blue'). Establish a hierarchy of mentors for your various graduate needs. Learning to build and maintain a team will be essential in the real world.” – Paul Barton, Ph.D., Nuclear Engineering

“Build your networks and make those networks diverse. You have a great opportunity at Michigan to learn from a broad range of thinkers and scholars. Build relationships with students and faculty outside of your discipline. Allow them to influence your thinking.” – Rachel Afi Quinn, Ph.D., American Culture

“1. Take Risks. Terrific things happen when you stretch beyond your comfort zone. 2. Build Advocates. Have a network of people invested in you – this is absolutely critical to your personal and professional growth. 3. Give Back. The journey from “What about Me?” to “Not about me!” makes life more purposeful and fulfilling.” – Anand Gune, Ph.D., Industrial and Operation Engineering

In our database, you will find alumni who are design engineers, CEOs, Senior Project Managers, Assistant Professors, Principal Consultants, Vice Presidents, Data Scientists, and more. The database features alumni at all stages of career development, from recent grads to retirees. They are your alumni network, and have shared their career trajectories and advice for current students in this database to help you make the best of your time as a U-M graduate student.