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The types of people you find at seminars:

  • That guy in the front row who is always sleeping, head nodding off to a distinct rhythm
  • That guy who sits in the center of the room with his laptop open, alternating between Facebook and Google chat
  • The prof who sits five rows in front of you, shooting off e-mails to a million people during the talk (you know because you can see them accumulating in your inbox) and still managing to ask insightful questions. How? HOW?
  • The first-year grad student who still takes notes with pen and paper
  • The student who is clearly zoning out because they are nodding along to the lecture at inappropriate time points
  • The one who laughs loudly at all the speaker’s jokes
  • All the computational students who have a terminal open on their laptop screens
  • The student who is there for the food
  • That guy who always takes more cookies than he should

Did I miss any? Which one are you? And more importantly, why isn’t there a Buzzfeed quiz for this?