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12th Experimental Chaos and Complexity Conference

The 12th Experimental Chaos and Complexity Conference aims to bring together researchers in the broad field of experimental nonlinear dynamics and its applications to various fields of science and technology. While the conference focuses on experimental approaches, theoretical work is most welcome when it explains observations, suggests new experiments or provides new methods for analyzing data. All fields falling within the general scope of the conference are welcome.


Title IX at 40

In 1972, Congress passed Title IX of the 1972 Education Amendments Act, a federal law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex at educational institutions that are recipients of federal funds. Popularly called “Title IX,” this law opened the door for females to become high school and college athletes, as well as doctors, lawyers, scientists, and engineers. Undeniably Title IX created sweeping changes in our nation’s educational system, gaining girls and women newfound opportunities in America’s academies – our classrooms, research labs, and playing fields.

The enactment of Title IX helped to increase opportunities for girls and women in many areas, including sport, and its influence has been far-reaching. Increased participation in sport has opened doors for females to fully participate not only in school settings (elementary, high school, college), but served as the foundation for preparing women athletes to compete at professional and international levels (such as the Olympic Games). It has impacted women’s physical health and fitness, their psychological and social well-being, and their economic status. Despite the many gains achieved since the passage of Title IX, much remains to be done. Girls and women continue to suffer discrimination in many educational arenas including sport and physical activity. While Title IX has opened up the playing fields, women and girls still lag behind men and boys in terms of athletic participation, resources, and coaching.

The year 2012 marks Title IX’s 40th anniversary and thus, the SHARP Center for Women and Girls is refocusing attention on Title IX with our Michigan Meeting. This conference will frame an academic discussion that highlights how research contributes to our understanding of Title IX’s impact – and its ongoing potential, particularly in areas related to policy. Conference speakers and delegates will deliver a call to action and offer a platform for academics to discuss future research with maximum impact for policy change. Athletes, students, coaches, administrators, educators, and policy makers will benefit from the dialogue shared during this Michigan Meeting. The exchange and interaction between individuals from different disciplines and backgrounds will strengthen support for matters related to equity; further, it will clarify the unique issues and opportunities of involvement in sport for women and girls.

This conference will feature a number of discussions and presentations around four interdisciplinary themes: The link between Title IX and physical health and fitness for women and girls; the link between Title IX and education and employment for women and girls; the impact of Title IX on American culture: psychological, social, and economic influences; and the link between Title IX and boys and men’s experiences in sport. This Michigan Meeting highlights the University of Michigan’s leadership in this area. The University of Michigan played a key role in the early history of Title IX and it is fitting that it again will play an important role in ensuring that the goal of Title IX is fully realized. This meeting is organized by the SHARP Center for Women and Girls, a collaboration between the University of Michigan and the Women’s Sports Foundation.