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Ending Gendered Violence in School, Work, and Life: Critical Conversations at the Intersection of Theory and Practice

May 3–5, 2018

Gender-based violence (GBV) among adolescents and emerging adults is an intractable problem in our communities. The University of Michigan is home to a diverse community of scholars and practitioners conducting innovative research and developing promising practices to address GBV. These scholars and practitioners have often, like their counterparts in other universities, worked in isolation from each other. This three-day Michigan Meeting will catalyze conversations across disciplinary boundaries, with the aim of stimulating research and creative interventions to contribute to safer communities locally, nationally, and internationally.

Focusing on adolescence and emerging adulthood (approximately ages 12-25), the Meeting will bring together scholars and practitioners from around the country to explore relations among: 1) GBV on campus and in the broader community; 2) GBV and inequalities of race/ethnicity, social class, and sexual orientation; and 3) forms of GBV, as the focus is often on one form of violence (e.g., sexual assault) in isolation from others (e.g., stalking).

The Meeting will be synergistic with a Summit planned by the U-M Injury Center on the primary prevention of campus sexual assault.

For registration and payment questions contact Laura Olech.

Visit the Ending Gender-Based Violence Site