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Rackham Interdisciplinary Workshops (RIWs) are designed to encourage the exchange of ideas and collaboration among students and faculty who share intellectual interests but come from different academic affiliations. Additionally, RIWs are designed to help advanced doctoral students form working groups that support the development of research projects and dissertation-writing. The active workshops for the 2017–18 academic year are listed below with links to their unique websites.

List of Rackham Interdisciplinary Workshops
Workshop Name
#Evidence2Practice: Building a Cross-disciplinary Education Research Community
African History and Anthropology Workshop (AHAW)
AIM Analytics Workshop Series
American History Workshop
American Institutions Group
American Studies Consortium
Andean Circle
Animal Studies and Environmental Humanities Workshop
ArtEco: Art and the Environment
Beyond Graduate School: Career Opportunities Workshop
Biophysics Symposium
Black Research Roundtable
Border Collective
Causal Inference in Education Research Seminar
Central Concepts in Contemporary Theory
China Reading Group
Collaborative Archaeology
Community College Interdisciplinary Research Forum
Computational Social Sciences
Conflict and Peace, Research and Development
Critical Contemporary Studies
Critical Ethnic and Asian Pacific Islander American Studies
Critical Intersectionality
Detroit School
Digital Studies
Disability Studies
Doing Queer Studies Now
Drama Interest Group
Early Modern Colloquium
Engaging Scientists in Policy and Advocacy (ESPA)
Environmental Governance
Environmental History Interest Group
European History
Exploring Historical Legacies and Memory
Formal Models of Politics
Forum on Research in Medieval Studies
Foundations of Modern Physics
GSSTSS - Graduate Student Statistical Topics Seminar Series
H2D2 - Health, History, Demography, and Development
Higher Education Applied Research (HEAR) Workshop
Information Alliance for Community Development
Interdisciplinary Science and Policy Initiative for Research Engagement - InSPIRE
Interdisciplinary Working Group on Innovation in Survey Methodology
Interdisciplinary Workshop in American Politics (IWAP)
Journal Lab
JSIC Japanese Studies Interdisciplinary Colloquium
Language and Rhetorical Studies Group
Latina/o Studies Workshop
Literary Translation
LSI Grads - The Future of Science
Making Sensory Ethnography
Marxisms Collective
Media Studies Research Workshop
MESWN - Michigan Earth Science Women’s Network
Methodologies in Evaluation and Assessment in Sustainability Research and Education (MEASuRE)
Michigan Interactive and Social Computing Group (MISC)
Michigan University-Wide Sustainability and Environment (MUSE) Workshop
Microfluidics in Biomedical Sciences
Migration & Displacement Interdisciplinary Workshop
Modernist Studies Workshop
Mountaineering Cultures
Multidisciplinary Wkshop for Armenian Studies (MWAS)
Native American Indigenous
Neural Networks
New Work in Buddhist Studies
Peoples of Caribbean/West Indian Descent (PCWID)
Persianate Studies Workshop
Planning and Architecture Research Group (P+ARG)
Poetry and Poetics
Political Communication Working Group
Political Economy Workshop
Public Scholarship
Qualitative Methods in the Social Sciences
Race, Gender, and Feminist Philosophy Working Group
Religion in the Premodern Atlantic
Roman Republic Reading Group
Science, Values, and the Public Colloquium and Workshop
Science And Technology
Statistical Learning Workshop
Teaching and Technology Interdisciplinary Workshop
The Nineteenth Century Forum
Transdisciplinary Approaches to the Study of Racism & Health Inequalities (RacismLab)
Transnational Contemporary Literature
Transnational Comics Studies Workshop
Transnational Gender and Sexuality Studies
Visual Culture
Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene -- Collaborative of Researchers and Practitioners (WASH-CoRPs)
WIDTH - Workshop for Integrating and Discussing Topics in Healthcare