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Calendar for Approving New Rackham Degree Programs

Developing, reviewing and approving degree and certificate proposals may take up to six months or more. The Rackham deans (Planning Group) review preliminary drafts and give feedback. The final proposal must include review and written approval by the heads of the academic unit(s) contributing resources; contact deans and chairs about procedures and timetables. The Executive Board reviews and approves new programs. The Michigan Association of State Universities (MASU) gives final approval for programs in new fields. Additionally, approval by the Regents is required for new degree designations.

For programs requiring MASU approval, Rackham-approved proposals must be submitted to Tracy Pattok in the Office of Budget & Planning (OBP) two weeks before the MASU submission deadline.

For more information, contact Assistant Dean John Godfrey.

2018-19 Rackham and MASU Deadlines and Meeting Dates