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Letters of Support

To be considered by the Rackham Executive Board, proposals must have letters of support from all academic units that confirm any commitments of courses, faculty effort, funding, space, or other resources. Letters should affirm that the proposal has been approved by faculty under the procedures of the unit. Letters should be provided by:

  • Dean or designee of the school or college where the program will be administratively located.
  • Deans of other schools or colleges providing resources.
  • Chair and directors of departments or units providing resources.

In addition, deans, chairs, or directors of academic units with proximate interests in the academic focus of the proposal should provide letters that discuss these interests and the impact that the proposed program may have on present activities and future plans.

For review by the College of Engineering’s Curriculum Committee, contact Mary-Ann Mycek. For review by LSA’s Dean’s Cabinet and Executive Committee, contact Paula Hathaway.