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Stages of Program Proposal Development and Activation

The Rackham Executive Board reviews and approves new programs. Proposals may be received at any time but faculty should plan for sufficient time for all stages of review and approval. Development of a degree or certificate program usually takes several months but may require up to a year, depending on the complexity of the proposal and the academic calendar. Only after final approvals have been obtained may a new program be advertised or admit students.

  1. Development of the draft proposal. Faculty consult with Rackham deans about proposal development and timeframe for approval.
  2. Preliminary Rackham review. Rackham deans review the draft and give feedback.
  3. Unit review and support letters collected.
  4. Rackham Executive Board approval. The Rackham Executive Board reviews and approves new programs at biweekly meetings during the academic year.
  5. Michigan Association of State Universities (MASU). MASU gives final approval for programs in new fields. New programs may not advertise or recruit and admit students until this approval is secured. MASU meets quarterly. Information is on the Provost Office’s webpage. New master’s degrees in existing fields and certificate programs do not need MASU approval.
  6. Activation. When final approval is obtained, the Registrar will activate the new program and Rackham will open it for admissions.