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With GRADitude: A Virtual Celebration of Rackham Donors and Scholars

Rackham donors have long been the difference between a graduate education and a robust graduate experience. This year, the donors and alumni of our community have supported Rackham students in deeply impactful ways. Michigan graduate students have faced, adapted to, and overcome extraordinary challenges–ones unique to our time for which there were no paths of least resistance and no best practices on which to base their approach. Thanks to Rackham donors, they weren’t left standing alone through these trials.

Thank You Rackham Donors

From all of us at the Rackham Graduate School, on behalf of the students for whom you make such a tangible difference, thank you.

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Dear Rackham Donors

I want to take a moment to say thank you for your financial contribution and support during this pandemic. All that each of you has done is much appreciated. Your generous donation alleviated many burdens for my family during this time. Your kindness has not gone unnoticed, so again, thank you for all you do.

Kristen (Ph.D. 2020), Sports Management

Thank you for your generous support to Rackham–it helps students like me purus edreams of education and achievement. I am grateful every day for the opportunity. Go Blue!

Leila, Ph.D. Candidate, English

Rackham donor funds have helped me do research in India and Bangladesh, and lowered the cost of graduate school. In addition, I know others who have been really impacted by the need-based Rackham Emergency Fund. Thank you!

Raghav (Ph.D. 2020), Environmental Engineering

Thank you so much for your generous support! It means a lot to us Wolverines to have the support of Rackham alumni and donors like you!

Yingying, Ph.D. Candidate, Macromolecular Science and Engineering

As a graduate student, I appreciate all the support from the Rackham community to help enrich my experience at U-M. Thank you and Go Blue!

Amy, Ph.D. Student

Thank you for supporting students like me. The support I have received throughout my graduate career has made a huge difference–allowing me to take research and field work trips and produce better research. Forever Go Blue!

Nicole (Ph.D. 2020), Political Science

Your gift and generosity truly mean a lot to the U-M community, especially to me as a first-generation student. I am extremely honored to be part of this community and to have your support as I finish my master’s and continue on to my doctoral program!

Alicia, Ph.D. Student, Biostatistics

I’d like to express my sincerest gratitude to you for your contribution, because of alumni like you, my graduate experience at U-M has been enriching and truly unique. Thank you for contributing to students like myself. I hope to pay in forward in the future.

Astrid, Ph.D. Student, Nutritional Sciences

Thank you for your generous contribution that is truly making a difference during these turbulent and uncertain times. It would have been extremely hard to endure this pandemic and its repercussions without your support.

Yuval, Ph.D. Candidate, Communication