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What kinds of coursework count towards my degree?

If you are enrolled in a PhD program, courses that are 500 level and above count towards your doctoral degree. There are some exceptions, however. Make sure you contact OARD before enrolling in the course–you will need to fill out a petition before getting started. With approval from OARD, the registrar, and the instructor of the course, you can enroll in a 400 level course for credit towards your doctoral degree. Usually these instances require that the doctoral student produce extra work for the course.

What if I want to transfer credit from another campus?

DMA students are not eligible for transfer of credit. For other degree programs, credits are generally not transferable from other institutions, however there are some instances where transferring credit is possible. If a student is enrolled at one of the three U-M campuses but takes a course at another (Ann Arbor, Dearborn, and Flint), it may be possible for that coursework to count towards your degree. Be sure to check with your graduate program before pursuing this option.

U-M is also a member of a consortial agreement under the Michigan Intercollegiate Graduate Study (MIGS) program and the Big 10 Academic Alliance, which allow students to take courses or use facilities uniquely available at an institution other than their own. Learn more about MIGS. Or, learn more about about the Big 10 Academic Alliance.

Is it possible for me to audit a course?

Yes, with the consent of your advisor and the course instructor–this requires that after you register via Wolverine Access, you submit an add/drop form with both the instructor’s and your advisor’s signatures to the registrar’s office. Be aware that you will still be charged tuition for the course even if you are auditing it.

What should I know about grades, transcripts, and academic standing?

In order to maintain good academic standing, you must at minimum be making satisfactory progress towards your degree and maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher, although some graduate programs have additional criteria for assessing graduate standing. Check with your advisor if you have questions about your academic standing.

What should I know about academic probation and dismissal?

Both graduate students and departments share the responsibility of communicating about a student’s progress. Once a student’s progress is deemed unsatisfactory, the graduate department must let the student know immediately in writing, after which point the enrollment status of the student may change.

See Rackham’s policies on Coursework, Grading, and Academic Standing for further details.

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