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Advancing to Candidacy for D.M.A.s

A student may advance to candidacy after fulfilling all departmental coursework requirements and passing prelims. Programs submit the request for advancement to candidacy. An audit for advancing to candidacy includes verifying the following information:


The program name submitted must match the active program on the unofficial transcript.


18 credit hours (not RFTs) of non- 990, non-visit, graded (including courses for which a student receives a”S” – Satisfactory) graduate coursework registered as a Rackham student.


4 hours of graduate cognate coursework (grade B- or better). If the cognate requirement is met by a cross-listed course or “in spirit” from coursework outside U-M, please list on the cognate line on the form.

Time to Candidacy

If it’s been more than three years since the student started the program, a Petition for Modification or Waiver of Regulation asking for an extension for time to candidacy may be required.

Prelim Registration

Deadlines for prelims for each term are listed on our website. There must be a registration for the date that’s on the form in the Preliminary Date field. Exceptions:

If the student was registered full-time (8 hours, 6 if the student is a GSI, GSSA or GSRA) Fall and Winter they could have a prelim date in May or if the student was registered full-time Fall, Winter and either Spring or Summer (4 hours, 3 if the student is a GSI, GSSA or GSRA), they get the other term (Spring or Summer) to use for the prelim date.


There must be a bachelor’s or bachelor’s equivalent degree posted to the student’s unofficial transcript before a student may be advanced. The posting will have the dates of degree, institution name and the degree citation (B.A., B.S., etc.).


Student’s minimum cumulative GPA must be a 3.0 (B) or higher.

Required Fee Totals (RFTs)

36 RFTs are needed to advance to candidacy unless the student has a relevant master’s degree posted on their transcript, then they would require 18. A student can earn up to 9 RFTs per full term, and 5 per half term. If they register for 2 half terms, the total is the same as a full term (9). A student earns RFTs for courses registered in Rackham only.

Example Required Fee Totals Calculation
TermCredit HoursRequired Fee Totals
WN 2017Registered for 12 credit hoursReceived 9 RFTs
FA 2017Registered for 15 credit hoursReceived 9 RFTs
WN 2018Registered for 7 credit hoursReceives 7 RFTs
SP 2018Registered for 7 credit hoursReceived 5 RFTs
FA 2018Registered for 9 credit hoursReceived 9 RFTs
Total39 RFTs

If necessary, a student can “buy” RFTs. They pay the “additional hours” rate per hour, needed at the Rackham School of Music rate at the appropriate instate or outstate rate. The Registrar’s Office will determine whether the student is in state or outstate to establish the fee. If the department or student is buying the RFTs, they must notify their OARD contact who will then send a fee assessment to the Registrar’s Office so that the amount can be assessed to the student’s account.

Relevant Master’s Degree

A relevant master’s degree is a master’s degree from an accredited institution outside of Rackham that is relevant to the DMA degree.

Additional Candidacy Information


If a student is registered for 990 in the term they advance, the registration will be changed by the Registrar’s Office to 8 hours (in a full term) of 995. If they have not registered for 990 or 995 but have registered for any other course, 8 hours of 995 will be added to their record for that term. The Registrar’s Office makes these changes and tuition adjustments approximately the third week of class or monthly thereafter. It is not necessary for a student to be enrolled in the term in which they advance to candidacy unless the prelim was taken that term.


The Recommendation for Candidacy form is due to Rackham three weeks into the term for which the advancement is requested. We will accept the requests up until the last day of classes for that term, but often students need the candidacy on their academic record for visa purposes or financial/fellowship reasons. Advancement to candidacy will not be processed retroactively.

Additional Course Benefit (“Free” Course)

When a student enrolls in “Candidacy 995,” they are allowed a benefit of one additional course per full term without paying additional tuition. If they do not elect an additional course during that term the additional course is banked and a student may then select two additional courses during a subsequent term of Candidacy 995 enrollment.

A “banked” course must be used concurrently with a “Candidacy 995” enrollment, and only one course may be “banked” at any given time (i.e., no more than 2 additional courses can be taken during any given term). Courses may not be elected in anticipation of future “banking” (i.e., cannot elect two additional courses in one term, planning to take none the following term).

If a student has registered for two or more courses beyond the “Candidacy 995” (and a banked course is not applicable), be aware that only ONE of the courses (the one with higher credit hours) is tuition-free. The student may choose to withdraw from the extra course to avoid additional tuition costs.

As stipulated in the GEO contract for GSIs and GSSAs and the University’s policy for GSRAs, students with at least a .237 (GSI, GSSA) or .25 (GSRA) appointment receive a full tuition waiver regardless of candidacy status and have no limitation on the number of courses taken in the term of appointment. The appointing department is responsible for the coverage of fees.

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