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Old Professional Development

Rackham supports graduate students in their professional and academic development during their student experience and as they transition to their career. We created the core skills framework to articulate the range of capacities that students should develop during their graduate-school experience. Explore resources from Rackham and campus partners related to each skill area below.

Career Development

Career Development is the process through which people develop and achieve professional goals.


Collaboration is the intentional process of working effectively with others toward shared objectives


Communication is the ability to effectively convey your research and scholarship to multiple audiences and in a variety of media.

Content Expertise

Content Expertise is the mastery of knowledge, skills, and methodologies of a discipline.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is valuing multiple social identities and advocating for access and belonging for all persons.


Leadership is the ability to create positive action towards a mission through motivating others and accomplishing goals.

Personal Well-Being

Personal well-being involves finding deeper meaning, balance, and purpose in one’s life.


Teaching facilitates significant learning and development on the part of students and instructors.

Professional Development Opportunities

Upcoming Workshops

Rackham hosts a variety of workshops around core professional and academic development skills.


Professional Development Grant

A Rackham Professional Development Grant is intended to support Rackham doctoral students seeking careers both within and outside academia. This funding is to support short-term experiences that promote the development of professional skills which will further a student’s career goals.

Rackham Conference Travel Grant

The Rackham Conference Travel Grant is intended to provide opportunities for Rackham graduate students to become familiar with, and participate in the life of, their academic professions.

Graduate Student Professional Travel with Children Grant

This grant is intended to support Rackham graduate student parents who incur expenses while traveling with small children (under the age of six) while attending conferences, workshops, meetings, or other academic events as part of their scholarly research or in pursuit of professional career readiness both within and outside of academia.

Join Rackham Connect

We know graduate students often ask, “what’s next” and “what else.” That’s why we have created a space for you connect with Rackham alumni and explore potential answers to those questions. Rackham Connect is a digital space developed in partnership with the Career Center’s University Career Alumni Network (UCAN) where students can connect with alumni and potential mentors.

More alumni are joining Rackham Connect each day, and they’re excited to hear from you. Create your profile and start connecting.

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Professional and Academic Development is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The office is closed Saturdays and Sundays and on the following holidays: Thanksgiving (Thursday and the following Friday), Christmas through New Year’s, Memorial Day, Independence Day (July 4), and Labor Day.