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Postdoctoral Fellows

Postdoctoral fellows at the University of Michigan form a vital part of our intellectual and research strength. We welcome you as colleagues and offer the resources of the university as you build your career. As a postdoc at U-M, you will be trained to independently formulate meaningful hypotheses, to design and conduct interpretable experiments, to adhere to good laboratory practices, to analyze results critically, to document results thoroughly and accurately, to understand the broad significance of your research findings, and to uphold the highest ethical standards in research. Developing additional skills—including oral and written communication, grant writing, and laboratory management—is considered integral to this training.

Postdoctoral Statistics

U-M is sharing a number of figures about postdoctoral fellows for those considering careers in the biomedical sciences and those wishing to learn more about postdocs.

Starting at U-M

Please register to attend a monthly orientation session designed for newly arrived postdocs. Orientations include information about the role of postdoctoral fellows at Michigan, working with your P.I./advisor, campus resources, benefits, and the UMPDA. You can also download the U-M Postdoctoral Handbook which includes information on all aspects of your experience as a postdoc at Michigan and in Ann Arbor.

Departing U-M

As you prepare to complete your postdoctoral training, please take a moment to complete the Exit Survey, and review the Termination Checklist (Employee Checklist specifically) to complete the relevant departing procedures in consultation with your HR administrators.

U-M Postdoctoral Association

All postdoctoral fellows are members of the U-M Postdoctoral Association. Explore UMPDA’s website to learn how to connect with UMPDA’s co-chairs, attend a board meeting, join a peer circle, and more.

Postdoctoral Resources