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School, College, and Unit Contacts

Below is a list of contacts from the University of Michigan’s schools and colleges who can assist current and prospective postdoctoral fellows.

Architecture and Urban Planning

Geoffrey Thun, Associate Dean for Research; 834-9385


Francine Lafontaine, Senior Associate Dean for Faculty and Research; 763-4233


Russell S. Taichman, Associate Dean of Research; 615-1970


Edward A. Silver, Associate Dean for Research and Community Engagement; 615-6580


Steve Ceccio, Associate Dean for Research; 936-0433

Graham Sustainability Institute

Donald Scavia, Director; 615-4860


Paul Resnick, Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Affairs; 647-9458

Institute for Social Research

Greg Tewksbury, Managing Director
Jane Ballo, Executive Assistant to the Managing Director; 763-3798


Gregory Cartee, Associate Dean for Research; 615-3458


Daniel Halberstam, Associate Dean for Faculty and Research; 763-4408

Life Sciences Institute

Anna Schork, Managing Director; 647-1407

Literature, Science and the Arts

Doug Richstone, Associate Dean for Natural Science; 647-2115

Anne Curzan, Associate Dean for Humanities; 647-2115

Liz Cole, Associate Dean for Social Sciences; 647-2115


Michele Swanson, Director of Postdoctoral Studies; 647-7295

Music, Theatre and Dance

Marie McCarthy, Director of Research; 647-0557

Natural Resources and the Environment

Maria Carmen Lemos, Associate Dean for Research; 764-9315


Janean Holden, Associate Dean for Research; 763-7667


David Sherman, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education; 615-9907

Public Health

John Meeker, Associate Dean for Research; 764-7184

Public Policy

Kathryn M. Dominguez, Associate Dean; 764-9498

Rackham Graduate School

Peter Hitchcock, Associate Dean; 936-1647

Social Work

Jorge Delva, Associate Dean; 936-3898