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Ginsberg Center: Public Engagement and Tenure


Neeraja Aravamudan and Mary Jo Callan


Ann Arbor, MI (remote)

Description of Project Role and Responsibilities

The Ginsberg Center is generally interested in institutionalizing community engagement within the University of Michigan. As part of this effort, we seek to inform how the university can better demonstrate its commitment to civic and community engagement by integrating these practices into promotion, reward, and tenure policies at the university. To that end, we would like support in gathering data and information from peer institutions and from within U-M.

The intern will conduct benchmarking of promotion, tenure, and reward guidelines related to community engagement at peer institutions, providing a summary report of trends, anomalies, and promising practices. In addition, the intern will gather information from within U-M’s 19 schools and colleges on their tenure and promotion guidelines related to community engagement, creating a summary report of each school’s efforts as well as trends and highlights across the various schools and colleges. Finally, we would like to have a set of products including a final report to include a summary of recommendations based on this benchmarking and trend analysis that can be shared with university administration; related infographics we can use in meetings or presentations with administration and departments; policy briefing to share with university administration and potentially developing a presentation or workshop to share findings and consider action items.

Time Commitment and Stipend

Start date: Flexible but could start as early as May 4
End date: Flexible but would need to wrap up by August 15
Hours or days per week: three days per week or 10 to 14 hours per week
Duration: three months
Stipend: $3,360

About the Organization

We are a community and civic engagement center with a mission to cultivate and steward equitable partnerships between communities and the University of Michigan in order to advance social change for the public good. Based upon this mission, our vision is for inclusive democracy; thriving, diverse communities; and equity and social justice.

We accomplish our work by

The Ginsberg Center’s mission and purpose are premised on spanning organizational and institutional boundaries in service to social change. Recognizing our three strategic areas of focus, the Ginsberg Center is positioned within Student Life, reflecting our commitment to student education and development; we are formally connected to the Office of the Provost, reflecting our focus on faculty and academic partners, and Government Relations, reflecting our community engagement beyond campus.