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Praxis, Activism, Organizing: Community Organizers and University Community Engagement Centers Internship


Ginsberg Center


Ann Arbor, MI (Flexible)


Sara Saylor and Danyelle Reynolds

Description of Internship Project and Intern’s Role and Responsibilities

The Ginsberg Center is working to build a better understanding of its role in supporting organizing and activism as critical pathways to advancing social change. This project involves two separate but related areas of inquiry: activism and organizing led by students and by community residents (note these are not entirely distinct groups). Our current model is well-suited to supporting institutionalized entities, be they social sector organizations like schools, governments, or nonprofits, as well as registered, nationally-linked student organizations.

This role would involve research into scholarship on community organizing and university community engagement centers, in terms of relationships with community-based activists and student organizers. The second part of the project includes benchmarking with other community engagement centers about their approach to this work as well as focus groups and interviews with students at U-M and potentially elsewhere about their experiences and the challenges they navigate. A third part of the project would involve interviewing non-student community organizers (dependent upon capacity and time, this may or may not take place this summer).

Time commitment (i.e., schedule, days per week needed)

Part-time internship (20 hours per week)
Start date: Early June
End date: Early August
Specific days of the week intern needs to be available: work will take place on weekdays; specific scheduling will be flexible, but will need to be distributed over at least three days per week



About the Organization

  • Empowering students to engage in positive change through social justice education, leadership development, and meaningful civic and community engagement experiences.
  • Supporting faculty and academic program staff efforts to connect socially just civic and community engagement experiences to coursework, research, and programs.
  • Connecting community organizations with students, faculty, and staff that are invested in positive social change.

The Ginsberg Center’s mission and purpose are premised on spanning organizational and institutional boundaries in service to social change. Recognizing our three strategic areas of focus, the Ginsberg Center is positioned within Student Life, reflecting our commitment to student education and development; we are formally connected to the Office of the Provost, reflecting our focus on faculty and academic partners, and Government Relations, reflecting our community engagement beyond campus.