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Research and Design Engineer




Northville, MI (70% on site for data collection, 30% at home for data analysis)


Nicola Gerrett and Matt Mallete

Description of Internship Project and Intern’s Role and Responsibilities

With the support of the supervisors, the intern will lead and execute a research project addressing a hypothesis comparing different thermal effectors or effector configurations in a vehicle (e.g., neck convective device vs. heated head rest, or convective footwell device airflow direction) on physiological and subjective responses and the implications for the car (i.e., energy saving potential). The intern will have support recruiting participants and setting up experimental work space. They will lead the human research trials, which can include (but are not limited to) ambient sensors in the vehicle (e.g., surface or air temperatures) and attaching physiological sensors (e.g., skin temperature, skin blood flow, EKGs, and sweat sensors) to a human and collecting accurate data. The intern will be expected to analyze the data and make interpretations and recommendations of the findings to stakeholders in the company.

The intern will gain experience working in a human research laboratory within a company. They will have the opportunity to work with a number of biometric sensors that capture the thermophysiological and subjective responses of humans in different thermal environments. They will have an opportunity to conduct an empirical research study (either in an environmental chamber, research laboratory, or a car), developing the skills necessary to collect, examine, and interpret issues related to human physiology and translate that to real world situations.

Time commitment (i.e., schedule, days per week needed)

Full-time (35 to 40 hours per week) or part-time internship (20 hours per week)
Start date: Monday May 9
End date: August 12
Specific days of the week intern needs to be available: Monday through Friday


Will equal either full or half of Rackham summer support amount for doctoral students, depending on time commitment identified above.

About the Organization

We are a thermal solutions company in the automotive and medical sector. We create thermal products that impact people, whether through heating or cooling devices in cars or in the operating theaters of hospitals. The company has a diverse group of talented engineers, and we are trying to improve the impact that our products have on our end users from a physiological and perceptual perspective. The internship advertised will be in the automotive department, working with a team of physiologists, data scientists, and engineers to improve the thermal experience of car passengers.