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Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation

Ann Arbor, Michigan


  • Shelley Strickland, Ph.D., Vice President of Development
  • Katelyn Videto, Donor Services Officer

Description of the Fellow’s Role

Marketing and communications are overseen by the team leading AAACF’s development efforts. AAACF is in the process of enhancing its brand visibility and exposure to the broader community. As such, AAACF is revamping its printed materials, enhancing its social media presence, and recently completed a website redesign and launch. The Rackham Communications Fellow will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of marketing/communications efforts and to make a meaningful contribution in enhancing the way a respected community-based organization shares the impact of its work and activities with a variety of individuals and organizations. As such, a humanities/arts doctoral student will have the opportunity to apply and utilize analytical and linguistic skills in different media, electronic and written, as well as to gain exposure and experience in positioning complex content in accessible and compelling ways for diverse audiences.

Time Commitment and Stipend (i.e., schedule, days per week)

  • 3 days per week, 8 weeks
  • $3,360

About the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation

The Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation (AAACF) is a philanthropic organization with a broad community focus: enriching the quality of life in Washtenaw County. More than 50 years ago, citizens established the foundation as a permanent source of community capital. Think of us as a savings account for the community, with proceeds from our endowed funds distributed as grants for local nonprofits and scholarships. In more technical terms, AAACF is a tax-exempt public charity* that helps individuals, families, groups, and organizations accomplish their philanthropic goals. Through a core team of 17 Trustees, a staff of 10 FTE, and 350+ volunteers, AAACF connects people, charitable causes, and permanent capital for community impact.

* One of more than 700 community foundations nationwide and the 10th largest of 63 community foundations in Michigan.

Visit the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation Website