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Bentley Historical Library, Academic Programs and Outreach

Organization Location

Ann Arbor, Michigan


Cinda Nofziger, Archivist for Academic Programs and Outreach

Description of the Fellow’s Role

For a student interested in gaining insight into the archival profession and its role in teaching with primary sources and archival literacy at a college level. Drawing from the Bentley’s extensive collection of materials relating to the history of the State of Michigan and the University of Michigan, the Rackham Public Engagement Fellow will develop dynamic and interactive activities to engage students in learning to understand primary sources and archives. After becoming familiar with the current research and strategies of teaching with primary sources and the Bentley archivists’ pedagogical roles, the fellow, in consultation with the Archivist for Academic Programs and Outreach, will:

  • Create template activities to help teach students primary source analysis, research management, search strategies, as well as to understand archival representations
  • Assist in other programmatic activities as part of the Bentley’s academic outreach program

Time Commitment and Stipend (i.e., schedule, days per week)

  • 3 days per week for 8 weeks
  • May-June
  • $3,360

Stipend amount completed by Rackham staff based on days/week.

About the Bentley Historical Library

The Bentley Historical Library collects the materials for and promotes the study of the histories of two great, intertwined institutions, the State of Michigan and the University of Michigan. The Library is open without fee to the public, and we welcome researchers regardless of academic or professional affiliation.

The Bentley’s 11,000 research collections range from the papers of governors of Michigan, to the records of student and faculty life at the University, to the entire historical record of intercollegiate athletics at Michigan, and much more. The Library houses a state-of-the-art conservation lab that conserves books, maps, architectural drawings, and other materials. The lab is also where expert archivists and conservators teach conservation techniques and aid in the reformatting of preserved materials.

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