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Anti-Racism and DEI Resources

The global movement to eradicate systemic and institutional racism calls us all to reflect, to learn, to imagine, and to build a better future at the University of Michigan and beyond through education and action.

These U-M resources aim to help individuals seeking to increase their knowledge, awareness, and understanding of DEI and anti-racism frameworks. If you have U-M resources you would like us to consider for this list, please email the Rackham Communications Team.

“Rackham is committed to creating an environment in which all students feel safe, welcome, and supported. We know there is much work to be done, that we are constantly learning, and that we do not always succeed in meeting our goals and expectations. We know, however, that we cannot pursue this work to support our students without thinking about how events outside Rackham harm members of our community disproportionately due to their race and ethnicity. As we respond to this difficult reality, we support advocacy, action, allyship, and leadership in the Rackham community.”

Dean Mike Solomon