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Rethinking PVC Recycling

A ubiquitous, environmentally toxic modern plastic, PVC was once considered unrecyclable. New research from a U-M team, including Rackham alumna Sofia Camarero, has found a way to not only recycle it, but to turn its toxic components into useful products.

The Yemeni Refugee Crisis Through a Documentary Lens

Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design M.F.A. alumnus and filmmaker Razi Jafri’s documentary raises awareness about the everyday struggles of refugees around the world.

Rackham Announces 12-Month Funding for Ph.D. Students

Plan will take effect with the upcoming spring/summer term and bring Ph.D. student funding for the 2022–23 academic year to $36,084.

Piping Hot Bowl of History: The Story of Phở’

Every dish has a story to tell. Rackham student and food historian Khánh Linh Trinh studies the evolution and legacy of the Vietnamese noodle soup phở’.

Like a Bird: How Biology is Influencing the Future of Flight

Flight technology has been continually evolving for over two centuries. Rackham aerospace engineering alumna Christina Harvey is looking to write the next chapter in that story by looking at the creatures who do it better than anyone: birds.

Rackham’s Strategic Vision for Graduate Education

Rackham is leading a charge to reenvision graduate education at U-M in a way that is student centered and faculty led, and that emphasizes a holistic view of graduate training.

Applications for Admission

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Stories, blog posts, and more illuminating the experiences of graduate life and highlighting the impact of our students’ critical research.

Rackham Program in Public Scholarship Grants

Announcing the 2023 Rackham Public Scholarship Grants

The Rackham Program in Public Scholarship supports publicly engaged scholarship through mutually beneficial projects created between Rackham students and community partners.

A woman stands with her back to the camera and left arm raised in front of a room of workshop attendees.

Student Programming: If You Offer It, Who Will Come?

In an article published earlier this year, two Rackham staff members and a recent alumna investigated the demographic characteristics of who attends graduate school programming—and how that data can help shape future offerings.

Nada Lachtar and Dania Ammar

First U-M Dearborn Students Receive Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship

Nada Lachtar and Dania Ammar, both Ph.D. candidates in the College of Engineering and Computer Science, received the award in recognition of their high profile research on ransomware attacks and autonomous vehicles, respectively.

Aya Waller-Bey on the stage at TEDxDetroit

Rackham Student Discusses the Impact of Trauma Narratives at TEDxDetroit

Sociology doctoral candidate Aya Waller-Bey discussed trauma narratives and why we glorify hardship.

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Browse statistics and interactive visualizations of the activity and culture of our graduate programs, including data on enrollment, funding, completion rates, and placement.

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