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Governance and Graduate Faculty

Rackham Executive Board

As established by the by-laws of the Regents of the University of Michigan, the Rackham Executive Board is the governing body of the Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies. The Rackham Executive Board represents the graduate faculty on matters related to the interests and policies of the graduate school. Its responsibilities include establishing academic policies and general graduate admissions policies, approving proposals to establish new Rackham degree programs, and providing advice and guidance to the dean regarding the administration of academic policies and the operations of the graduate school and the graduate programs.

If you have questions regarding the Rackham Executive Board, please contact the Rackham Dean’s Office.

Rackham Graduate Faculty

As established by the by-laws of the Rackham Executive Board, the Rackham graduate faculty are those who, through their research, scholarship, and teaching, ensure that graduate education remains a cornerstone of the university’s reputation for academic excellence. The graduate faculty have distinctive academic and professional responsibilities for guiding their students in advanced study, research, and creative activity, and for preparing them as scholars, researchers, teachers, creative artists, and professionals in many fields. The ways in which the graduate school expects that, as intellectual guides and mentors, the Rackham graduate faculty uphold professional standards in their work with students and the Rackham community are expressed in the Statement of Rackham Graduate Faculty Values, Privileges, and Responsibilities, which is included in the bylaws of the Rackham Executive Board.

If you have questions regarding the Rackham graduate faculty, please contact the Rackham Dean’s Office.