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Rackham Office Directory

Find mailing addresses, phone and fax numbers, and email addresses of Rackham offices.

Dean’s Office


Includes the Dean, Associate Deans, Assistant Deans, and supporting staff, all of whom work with faculty, staff, and students from around the campus.

Administrative Director

The Rackham Administrative Director collaborates with the Dean on the overall organization and management of the Rackham Graduate School, including strategic planning and execution, resource management and program development.

Faculty Awards

Administers awards programs including the Distinguished Faculty Achievement Awards, Distinguished University Professorships, and more.

Student Services and Support

Academic Records and Dissertations

Provides information and support to students and program staff and faculty by maintaining academic records, conferring degrees, and providing guidance regarding Rackham and University policies and procedures.


Provides information and support to applicants and program staff and faculty by overseeing the application process, issuing immigration forms I-20 and DS-2019, and providing guidance regarding Rackham and University policies and procedures.

Financial Aid and Fellowships

Administers financial support, grants, and fellowships for Rackham students.

Professional and Academic Development

Rackham supports graduate students in developing the skills necessary to be successful in their academic and professional development during their Michigan experience, and as they transition into their careers.

Recruitment, Engagement, and Partnerships

Rackham supports the recruitment of a diverse graduate student community by broadening participation and by providing recruitment support to academic programs. Once admitted, we enhance the educational experiences of our graduate students by supporting their transition, building community, recognizing their contributions and by supporting their personal and academic development.

Resolution Office

Provides a safe and private environment to discuss matters related to disputes, personal crises, and emergencies for graduate students; and disability accommodation for graduate student employees.

Help and Support

If you encounter challenges or problems either academically or in your personal life during your time as a graduate student, there are many resources available at Rackham and the University of Michigan to assist you.

Communications and Development


Raises awareness about graduate education at U-M and supports Rackham offices in their efforts to communicate with students, faculty, and staff.

Development and Alumni Relations

Builds and maintains relationships with Rackham alumni and donors in order to encourage engagement and financial gifts for graduate student support.

Institutional Services

Institutional Research

Produces annual and periodic reports for each of the master’s and doctoral programs within Rackham.

Program Review

Identifies opportunities to continuously improve graduate education at the University of Michigan, manages several graduate student policies, grants and fellowship activities.

Rackham Administrative Services

Budget and Accounts

Coordinates financial activities for the Rackham Graduate School.


Ensures the maintenance of the Rackham Building and handles reservations and media support.

Mail Services

Receives applicant materials and manages incoming and outgoing mail for Rackham business.

  • Room: 0504
  • Phone: 734.764.4402
  • Fax: 734.647.9378

Rackham Human Resources

Administers all personnel issues related to Rackham staff including hiring, performance management, timesheets, etcetera.

Rackham Information and Technology Services

Provides technical support to Rackham personnel.

Student Organizations

Affiliated Units


Rackham Board of Governors

The Rackham Board of Governors was established according to the terms of the Rackham bequest, which was accepted by the Board of Regents in September 1935. The bequest calls for the continued existence of this body. The President of the University serves as Chair of the Board and the Rackham Dean serves as Secretary. The three other members serve six-year terms. The Board itself approves the appointment of new members as vacancies arise.

Rackham Executive Board

The Rackham Executive Board is composed of elected faculty representatives who provide advice to the Dean regarding the operations of the Graduate School. The Executive Board’s responsibilities include oversight and authorization of academic policy and proposals for new degree and certificate programs, and decisions of Rackham faculty panels for student fellowships and awards.