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Rackham Graduate School Academic Policies

The graduate programs of the Rackham Graduate School are located in the schools, colleges, and departments of the University of Michigan. The academic policies and regulations in this document have been established by the Rackham Executive Board to ensure consistent standards in admissions, registration, degree requirements, and the awarding of degrees across all Rackham graduate programs. Individual graduate programs have additional requirements and rules. Students are expected to be familiar with both the policies of the graduate school and those of their programs.

The graduate school maintains an academic, scholarly, and professional code of conduct to safeguard standards of learning, research, and professional integrity. Students are expected to understand and observe these standards. In conjunction with the schools and colleges, the graduate school has procedures for investigating allegations of misconduct and imposing sanctions.

The authoritative version of Rackham Graduate School Academic Policies is updated annually and published online. In the event of any discrepancy, the version published on the Rackham website is the authoritative version. Each new edition is archived.

Rackham Graduate School Academic Policies

This edition of Rackham Graduate School Academic Policies was written by Assistant Dean Emily Swafford, with help from staff members of the Rackham Graduate School. Comments or suggestions are welcome. Students, faculty, and staff may send comments to [email protected]

Table of Contents

Fundamental Tenets of Membership in the University Community

1 Admission, Matriculation, and Tuition

2 Registration

3 Coursework, Grading, and Academic Standing

4 Doctoral Degrees

5 Master’s Degrees

6 Dual Degree Programs

7 Certificates of Graduate Studies Programs

8 Rackham Academic and Professional Integrity Policy

9. Rackham Academic Dispute Resolution Policy and Procedures

Appendix A: University Policies on Rights, Integrity, and Conduct

Appendix B: Informal Dispute Resolution Process Descriptions

Appendix C: Rackham Academic Dispute Resolution Policy Flow Chart