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The University of Michigan provides many sources of financial assistance to help students meet educational and living expenses. Whether you are a prospective student, a current student, a master’s or doctoral student, we want to make sure you know about the funding available for your graduate education.

The nature of funding varies widely. Opportunities highlighted here range from large competitive fellowships that pay tuition and stipends, to targeted grants that assist with foreign language study, dissertation research, and conference travel, to emergency grants and awards designed to help students manage student loan debt.

Rackham Graduate School administers two types of fellowships, grants and scholarships. For those requiring a program nomination or allocation, the graduate program submits a nomination on behalf of the student for a competition or allocated award; students may not apply directly for these awards. For the second type, a program nomination is not required and students may apply directly. Please note that students who qualify for need-based financial aid (including the child care subsidy) and receive additional Rackham funding may be subject to a reduction in the original loan amounts or subsidy. Contact the U-M Office of Financial Aid for help evaluating your individual circumstances.

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Rackham Administered Funding for Graduate Students

Barbour Scholarship

Supports women of the highest academic and professional caliber from the countries encompassing the large region extending from Turkey in the west to Japan and the Philippines in the east to study modern science, medicine, mathematics, and other academic disciplines and professions critical to the development of their native lands.

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Big Ten Academic Alliance/Smithsonian Institution Fellowship

One-year fellowships that support research in residence at Smithsonian Institution facilities.

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Cost Sharing by Rackham

Cost sharing is the use of institutional funds to supplement graduate student support (stipend, tuition, GradCare, dental insurance and/or summer support) that is covered by an external sponsor.

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Debt Management Awards

Designed to lighten the financial burden for students with sizable loan debt who will pursue public interest careers.

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Dolores Zohrab Liebmann Fund Fellowship

Along with Rackham support, provides a stipend of $18,000, full tuition for fall and winter, and health and dental benefits to students with outstanding character and ability who hold promise for achievement and distinction in their chosen fields of study. Open to students pursuing a graduate degree in the humanities, social sciences or natural sciences (including law, medicine, engineering, architecture, or other formal professional training).

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German Academic Exchange (DAAD)

Includes transportation, living expenses, language training, and U-M tuition for Ph.D. students selected to participate in an exchange program with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the University of Michigan for study or research abroad in Germany.

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Graduate Student Professional Travel with Children Grant

Supports Rackham graduate student parents who incur expenses while traveling with small children (under the age of 6) while attending conferences, workshops, meetings or other academic events as part of their scholarly research or in pursuit of professional career readiness both within and outside of academia.

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Harold and Vivian Shapiro/John Malik/Jean Forrest Awards

Provides awards of up to $2,000 to full-time students in any Rackham degree program with the intent of helping them pay interest charges accruing on educational loans while in graduate school. Students must have completed one full term before the fellowship deadline.

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King-Chavez-Parks Initiative, Future Faculty Fellowship Program

Intended to increase the pool of traditionally underrepresented candidates pursuing faculty teaching careers in postsecondary education.

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Lurcy Fellowship for Study in France

Provides a stipend in the amount of $25,000 to students whose proposed project fits with the goals of the fellowship, which are to promote friendship and understanding between the peoples of the United States and France and, secondarily, between Americans and Europeans in general.

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Outstanding Postdoctoral Fellow Award

The Outstanding Postdoctoral Fellow Award recognizes postdoctoral fellows at the University of Michigan who have demonstrated a breadth of excellence in all areas of research, teaching, mentoring, service, and leadership. Each year, 10 postdoctoral fel …

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Postdoctoral Professional Travel with Children

Provides up to a maximum of $750 per postdoctoral fellow per 12 month period for approved travel expenses for children under the age of 6 (up to and including age 5 at the time of travel) that accompany a postdoctoral parent to a professional meeting.

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Rackham Conference Travel Grant

Provides opportunities for Rackham graduate students to become familiar with, and participate in the life of, their academic professions.

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Rackham Graduate Student Emergency Funds

Helps meet the financial needs of Rackham graduate students who encounter an emergency situation or one-time, unusual, or unforeseen expenses during their degree program.

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Rackham Graduate Student Research Grant

Support Rackham graduate students who need assistance to carry out research that advances their progress toward their degree.

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Rackham Humanities Research Fellowship

Established to increase the proportion of doctoral students in the humanities and humanities-related social sciences who complete the Ph.D. and decrease the time it takes to complete the degree.

Application Deadline: August 1, 2018
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Rackham International Research Awards

Supports doctoral and master’s students conducting degree-related research outside the United States and Puerto Rico.

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Rackham International Student Fellowship and the Chia-Lun Lo Fellowship

Assists outstanding international students, particularly those who may be ineligible for other kinds of support because of citizenship. In addition, the Chia-Lun Lo Fellowship assists outstanding students in Rackham programs who have earned a previous degree from a university in Taiwan.

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Rackham Language Training Award

Assists Rackham doctoral students with language training expenses that contribute to academic progress toward the degree. Study of a language for which instruction is not available at U-M will be prioritized.

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Rackham Merit Fellowship Program

Aims to promote the values of diversity and inclusion by encouraging the admission and funding of students who represent a broad array of life experiences and perspectives.

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Rackham Non-Traditional Fellowships

Designed to aid master’s students who return to graduate school after an extended absence.

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Rackham One-Term Dissertation Fellowship

Intended to speed the process of completing the dissertation by permitting candidates to work full-time on the final stages of their dissertations.

Application Deadline: August 1, 2018
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Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship Program

Supports outstanding doctoral students who have achieved candidacy and are actively working on dissertation research and writing.

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Rackham Professional Development Grants

Supports Rackham doctoral students seeking careers both within and outside academia by way of short-term experiences that promote the development of professional skills which will further a student’s career goals.

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Radcliffe/Ramsdell Fellowship

Provides awards of up to $10,000 for U-M graduate students who wish to pursue advanced studies in this country or abroad in religious education or in preparation for the ministry.

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Susan Lipschutz, Margaret Ayers Host and Anna Olcott Smith Awards for Rackham Graduate Students

Supports students who have demonstrated exceptional scholarly achievement, a sense of social responsibility, and an interest in the success of women in the academic community. Students in a Rackham doctoral program must be nominated by their program for this award.

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The Gupta Values Scholarship

Provides awards of $7,500 for spring/summer supports to students who have demonstrated integrity in the face of challenges, a commitment to human dignity, and a dedication to excellence in all they do both inside and outside the academy.

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U-M Library’s Guide to Finding Funding

Visit the University of Michigan Library’s guide to finding scholarships, fellowships, and research grants to fund your U-M education.