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Rackham Career Pathways Council

The Rackham Career Pathways Council brings together alumni and friends of the graduate school who are today’s leaders to share their knowledge, perspective, and connections in ways that will create the opportunities and experiences Rackham students need to reach their full potential and become tomorrow’s leaders in a global society.

Inaugural Members 2021-2024

Ashley Brown
Alex Conison
Michael Dorsey
IberSun Solar
Mazy Gillis
Georgia Pacific
Jamie Hart
Coalition to Expand Contraceptive Access
Wanda Hung
Google, Inc.
Charles Jacobs
180 Partners
David Kostelnacik
U.S. Department of State
Eric Lang
Personnel and Security Research Center, Department of Defense
Leah Makley
Deciduous Therapeutics
Joel Pitkin
AQR Capital Management
Dan Rhodes
Strata Oncology
Lidaris San Miguel Rivera
Dow Chemical
Gourang Shah
JP Morgan
Reuben Sorensen
GTWERX Automotive Inc.
Xin Sun
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Roger Valade
Chenan Xia
McKinsey & Company
Bei Yang
Bristol Myers Squibb