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Resources and Information for Students Affected by Country Based Travel Restrictions

Rackham has worked closely with the U-M International Center, the authoritative source of campus information regarding visas and immigration matters, to gather information particularly relevant to graduate faculty and to program chairs and directors in light of U.S. country based travel restrictions. The International Center can be reached by email or by phone at 734.764.9310.

Information for Students Facing Visa Issues

Students who face difficulties or delays when they apply for or renew a visa generally contact their program first. Graduate coordinators have been instructed to ask the student to complete the International Center’s Visa Assistance Web Mail form, providing full information about the difficulty they have encountered, so that the International Center can determine if any intervention is necessary or possible. In certain cases, particularly when the issue may not be resolved in time for the student to arrive or return to campus for the start of the term, the graduate coordinator may reach out to their Rackham Admissions specialist in Rackham Admissions, who can update the student’s immigration document if that proves to be necessary.

Information for Students Before They Travel

The International Center sends emails to international students near the end of each term and when students may be planning travel, such as before Spring Break, reminding them of the importance of having travel signatures on their documents if they plan to leave the United States. These messages include a link to the International Center’s web page about travel, including procedures when reentering the United States. The International Center also posts an announcement on its website near the end of each term that explains what may happen if a student attempts to reenter the United States without all required documents. Students are also given the telephone number of the U-M Division of Public Safety and Security (734.763.1131) for assistance when the university is closed. A student who is being denied reentry at the U.S. border, however, is generally not permitted to use their phone or to have internet access.

The International Center encourages students who are citizens of Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Venezuela, or Yemen, to review the current information on the Presidential Proclamation (travel ban) and consult with the International Center before making travel arrangements so that they are aware of any potential risks of travel. Students who do decide to travel should have all required documentation and scrupulously follow all requirements.

Information for Students Refused Entry at the U.S. Border

Only in exceptionally rare instances have students been refused entry at the U.S. border. When this happens, border officials decide whether or not to contact the International Center for more information to determine if the student should be allowed to enter. U.S. Customs and Border Protection may choose not to inform the university or to share information. A student who has been turned away at the border, or has any other difficulty while returning to the United States, should call the International Center or the Division of Public Safety and Security if it is after hours business hours or if the campus is closed for holiday break. The International Center will advise the student, notify the student’s program, and inform Susan Weber in Rackham Admissions, who will in turn reach out to other Rackham staff as needed.