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Rackham Humanities Research Fellowship

These fellowships have been established to increase the proportion of doctoral students in the humanities and humanities-related social sciences who complete the Ph.D. and decrease the time it takes to complete the degree. Participating doctoral programs are notified in their annual Block Grant letter.


To receive funding under this program, students must achieve candidacy within three years (of their first fall or winter term enrollment as a master’s student or as a precandidate). Students are expected to complete their doctoral degree by the end of their seventh year. Those who are past their seventh year in a doctoral program are not eligible. Extensions for parental accommodation will be granted on notification to the Rackham Office of Financial Aid and Fellowships; requests for extensions for medical conditions, dependent care, etc. should be submitted to that office in writing.

Selection Criteria

Students may contact their program regarding this award. Each participating program is responsible for selection and nomination of the students and notification to the Rackham’s Finance and Fellowships team.


  • Fall: August 1, 2023
  • Winter: December 1, 2023
  • Spring/Summer: March 29, 2024

Award Description

Candidacy Awards

Candidacy awards will consist of:

  • stipend of $12,990 per term (currently) during the tenure
  • candidacy tuition and all fees for either the fall or winter term
  • GradCare health and dental insurance coverage during tenure

Tenure for candidacy awards will be for either the spring/summer and fall term or winter and spring/summer term.

Dissertation Awards

Dissertation awards will consist of:

  • stipend of $12,990 per term (currently) during the tenure
  • candidacy tuition and all fees for two terms (usually fall and winter)
  • GradCare health and dental health insurance coverage during the tenure

Tenure for the dissertation awards is for three consecutive terms (twelve months).

Please note that neither of these fellowships provides a tuition waiver over the spring/summer term. Therefore students need not be registered during this period. Students must be registered full-time during the fall or winter semesters. An award may not be divided among two or more students.

Nomination Process

  • Participating programs may submit their nomination online.
  • Please include a letter from the student’s dissertation chair attesting to the ability of the student to complete the degree by the end of their seventh year. Students who are past their seventh year are ineligible.

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