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Radcliffe/Ramsdell Fellowship

The Wallace Radcliffe Scholarship was established in 1942 by bequest of Bryant Walker, A.B. 1876, L.L.B. 1879, Sc.D. (Hon) 1912, in memory of his brother-in-law, Reverend Wallace Radcliffe, D.D.

The Margaret Kraus Ramsdell Fellowship was established in 1933 by a gift made by Dean and Mrs. Edward H. Kraus and Edward T. Ramsdell to commemorate the life and character of Margaret Kraus Ramsdell, A.B. 1923, A.M. 1925.


Graduate students at the University of Michigan who wish to pursue advanced studies in this country or abroad in religious education or in preparation for the ministry are eligible for both the Radcliffe and Ramsdell fellowships. Students must have already received a degree (bachelor’s, master’s, etc.) from the University of Michigan prior to the deadline for the Ramsdell Fellowship.

Selection Criteria

In choosing the recipients the selection committee considers the following:

  • Proven academic ability
  • Qualities for effective leadership
  • Interest in religious education or ministry
  • Financial need is NOT considered


January 24, 2024

Award Description

Based on the availability of funds, an award may be up to $10,000. Appointment is for one year and is not renewable.

Application Process

Complete the application form and include the following:

  • Student’s personal statement (NOTE: In the personal statement, limit 1,500 words, describe your dissertation including specific aims, significance and contribution to your field.)
  • Three current letters of recommendation
  • Current curriculum vitae (c.v)

Apply for the Radcliffe/Ramsdell Fellowship