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Gupta Professional Ethics Series

Rackham is committed to cultivating the highest ethical standards in the conduct of scholarship and professional ethics for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. The Gupta Professional Ethics series was established through the generous support of the Gupta Family Foundation in 2021.

Fostering Ethical Standards

Our commitment to fostering the highest ethical standards surpasses research ethics alone. As we support scholars in developing the skills to be successful at U-M and beyond, we will regularly offer a series of training opportunities related to professional ethics for graduate students and postdocs.

The Gupta Professional Ethics series will encourage interdisciplinary conversations about ethics among graduate students and postdocs as they prepare to create positive change in their fields and the world.


The Gupta Professional Ethics series is open to scholars from all disciplines.

Upcoming Events

Dr. Aurora Santiago Ortiz

About the Gupta Family Foundation

Co-founded by Shashi Gupta and Margaret Gupta, the Gupta Family Foundation supports over 40 organizations worldwide that are dedicated to helping disadvantaged people become self-reliant. Shashi Gupta is a businessman and political activist and serves as chairman of the Gupta Family Foundation; Rackham alumna Margaret Gupta (M.A., Political Science) is president of the Gupta Family Foundation, as well as an entrepreneur and social activist.