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Rackham Presentation Request Form

One of Rackham’s core values is partnership and collaboration with the campus community. Therefore, members of our staff facilitate workshops and presentations for university departments, student organizations, and staff that serve Rackham students and prospective students at no cost/free of charge. Rackham staff will discuss format considerations in an intake meeting with you after your request is received.

Guidelines for Rackham Presentation Requests

  • Requests will be considered on a first come, first served basis. Rackham will determine if there is staff capacity to accommodate new requests as they are received.
  • Please give us at least one month advance notice from the time you submit your request for a workshop or presentation. We will try our best to accommodate your timeline given staff availability.
  • In order to serve as many groups as possible, as a general rule, any single department or student organization can only request one presentation per term, and only request any given presentation once per year.
  • Please select from the list of workshop and presentation topics. For career-related topics, please see this University Career Center form to request a presentation by Kirsten Elling (Rackham’s embedded Career Advancement Coordinator).
  • If your desired topic is not listed, please feel free to specify what you are interested in and we will do our best to accommodate if the topic falls within Rackham’s expertise. Please note that we may need more than one month advance notice to design customized presentations. If Rackham cannot fulfill your request, we will try to connect you with alternative resources.
  • Rackham will contact you for an intake conversation to discuss your presentation goals and audience once we receive your submission.
  • Requesters are required to coordinate all presentation logistical arrangements (for example, catering, room reservations, advertising).

Presentation Topics

Review Rackham's workshop offerings and request a presentation.

Navigating the Mentor/Advisor Relationship (60 to 90 minutes)

The advisor-advisee relationship is critical to graduate student success. This workshop will provide students with essential tools and strategies to create a positive relationship between themselves and their mentor or advisor.

Research-Based Strategies for Managing Impostor Phenomenon (60 to 90 minutes)

Many graduate students struggle with feeling like an impostor. This session shares insights from the scholarship on impostor phenomenon and provides evidence-based strategies for managing impostor thoughts and feelings. Please note that this is an interactive, two-hour workshop. If your group has less than two hours, we have a “flipped” version of the workshop that will require participants to watch a pre-workshop recording and complete several reflection activities in advance of an interactive, synchronous session.

Navigating Difficult Conversations (60 to 90 minutes)

In this interactive session, Rackham experts in conflict resolution will discuss how to navigate difficult conversations. Participants will leave with concrete strategies for productive dialogue and clear communication, and with confidence in how to approach difficult conversations in the future.

DEI Toolkit: Recruiting for Diversity (60 to 90 minutes)

Diversity is a critical component to achieving excellence. This workshop introduces evidence-based practices to support graduate programs in their effort to achieve their diversity goals.

DEI Toolkit: DEI Climate (60 to 90 minutes)

Sense of belonging is a basic human need. For our graduate students to be as successful as possible, programs need to maintain welcoming and inclusive climates. This session will support graduate programs with evidence-based practices to improve their climate.

Beyond Compliance: Towards a More Inclusive and Accessible Climate for Rackham Graduate Students with Disabilities (60 to 90 minutes)

The purpose of this workshop is to help participants distinguish between graduate student academic-based and employment-based accommodations, deepen their knowledge of disabilities and disability culture, and familiarize themselves with the new online academic accommodations request process and the Rackham employment-based accommodation process. Participants will also examine the intersections and differences between disabilities, mental health, and neurodiversity, learn evidence-based practices for improving climate and culture for graduate students with disabilities, and explore methods to go “beyond compliance”, such as incorporating universal design concepts.

Professional Development for STEM Disciplines (60 to 90 minutes)

Rackham offers several professional development workshops tailored to the needs of students in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Workshop topics include Creating Individual Development Plans, Tools for Career Exploration, Networking and Informational Interviewing, Identifying and Leveraging Transferable Skills, Poster Presentations, and preparing application materials (i.e. CVs, resumes, cover letters, and supporting documents). If you select this option, please provide the desired workshop topic in the “Additional Comments” section at the end of the form.

Doctoral Intern Fellowships Information Session (30 minutes)

During this brief information session, Rackham staff will provide an overview of the Rackham Doctoral Intern Fellowship program, including policies and how to apply for funding.


When filling out your request please select other and describe the topic you wish to have Rackham present.