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Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Awards

The Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Awards recognize the efforts and accomplishments of GSIs who demonstrate extraordinary dedication and excellence as teachers. Faculty members are encouraged to nominate graduate students who display the highest levels of commitment, creativity and skill in the classroom.

General Information


Students may be nominated who are actively pursuing graduate degrees and who have completed at least two full terms (not necessarily consecutive) as GSIs. Students whose second term of teaching will occur during the final semester of their program may be nominated even though they may no longer be enrolled at the University at the time the committee reviews nominations. Nominations of outstanding women, minorities and members of other groups historically underrepresented in their disciplines are encouraged.

Selection Criteria

Students are expected to demonstrate: exceptional ability, continuous growth and creativity as teachers; service as outstanding mentors and advisors to their students and colleagues; and growth as scholars in the course of their graduate programs.

Number of Awards

Twenty awards in the amount of $1,000.

Source of Nominations

Nominations may be submitted by faculty, directors, or chairs of departments or programs, and should be coordinated through the appropriate departmental or program office. Students and alumni are encouraged to suggest nominations to department leadership. No more than two nominations per year may be submitted by a given department or unit within a school or college.

Selection Process

A selection committee of faculty recognized for outstanding teaching achievements reviews nominations. Recipients will be notified in the winter term and awards will be formally presented at a ceremony.


The nomination deadline is Monday, January 22, 2024, at 5:00 p.m. EST.

For more information contact Rackham Honors and Awards at 734.615.0255 or [email protected].

Guidelines for Preparing Nominations

A nomination dossier must include:

  • Cover sheet with contact information
  • A nominating letter
  • A statement from the student’s academic advisor
  • A statement of teaching philosophy
  • Academic transcript (unofficial copy)
  • Curriculum Vitae

Incomplete dossiers cannot be reviewed.

For each nomination dossier, the Graduate School will provide a Registrar’s Teaching Evaluation “Instructor Report” that tabulates quantitative data only.

The online nomination dossier may be set up by a faculty or staff member. Others may be given login access to the site as needed. The nomination system may be accessed as often as needed in order to complete the nomination dossier. All materials must be uploaded in Adobe PDF format.

Cover Sheet

Complete the online cover sheet with all information requested for the nominee and the nominator—not the administrator who may have initiated the dossier—and the contact information for the graduate coordinator.

Nominating Letter

The nominating letter should include evidence of teaching excellence that supplements the teaching evaluation report and have a maximum length of 1,350 words. It may incorporate quotations from faculty and former and current students that describe the nominee’s teaching abilities and achievements, and sample excerpts from assignments and syllabi.

Letters should include the following:

  • An assessment of the teaching contributions of the nominee, emphasizing innovative and effective approaches used in the classroom. Give specific examples, such as use of active learning, approaches to teach students from diverse backgrounds, and innovative use of instructional technology.
  • Evidence for the exceptional and exemplary qualities of the nominee in the context of the department or program. Give examples of activities that go beyond excellent classroom teaching, such as curriculum development activities and service to teaching and learning in the department and the discipline.
  • Indicators of commitment to excellence in teaching, including participation in professional development around teaching and interest in the scholarship of effective teaching. Instances may include, for example, participation in CRLT programs, earning of the Rackham-CRLT Graduate Teacher Certificate, and active interest in assessment of student learning outcomes.
  • Examples that demonstrate dedication to excellence in mentoring and advising, both with undergraduates and other graduate students, and including students from diverse backgrounds.

Statement from Academic Advisor

Nominations must include confirmation on letterhead from the nominee’s academic advisor or dissertation committee chair that the student is making adequate academic progress and continuing growth as a scholar. No more than a simple statement is required, but a more detailed letter of up to 500 words may be submitted.

Statement of Teaching Philosophy

The nomination dossier must include the student’s statement of teaching philosophy. This should be a well-structured and carefully articulated statement of up to 600 words that provides context and concrete examples of the teaching philosophy and that addresses the nominee’s:

  • Goals for student learning
  • Enactment and assessment of goals
  • Creating an inclusive learning environment

A discussion of the elements for this statement is in the CRLT Occasional Paper, “Writing a Statement of Teaching Philosophy for the Academic Job Search.”

Academic Transcript

Provide a current unofficial transcript of the nominee’s graduate work.

Curriculum Vitae

Provide the nominee’s current c.v., including all courses taught to-date.

Recipients of Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Awards


  • Laura Biester, Computer Science and Engineering
  • Elizabeth Collins-Woodfin, Mathematics
  • Alisher Duspayev, Physics
  • Kim Hess, Sociology
  • Nishant Mangesh Jalgaonkar, Mechanical Engineering
  • Cheng Jiang, Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics
  • Amanda Marie Kubic, Comparative Literature
  • Naitnaphit Catherine Limlamai, English and Education
  • Rachel Logue, Movement Science
  • Elizabeth Ann McNeill, Germanic Languages and Literatures
  • Yehia Sherif Mohamed Fakhry Mekawi, Political Science
  • Nikolas Midttun, Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Mandy Mitchell, Public Policy
  • Gabrielle Louise Peterson, Sociology
  • Ashley Riana Megan Sapp, Social Work
  • Dylan Volk, History of Art
  • Sarah Ellen VanDiepenbos, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology
  • Zoe Waldman, History
  • Mackenzie Warwick, Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences
  • Mohammad Zhalechian, Industrial and Operations Engineering


  • Joshua Anibal, Aerospace Engineering
  • Christina Athanasouli, Mathematics
  • Domenic Desocio, Germanic Languages and Literatures
  • Abigael Lucas, Psychology
  • Brian Manzo, Statistics
  • Aleksandra Marciniak, Slavic Languages and Literatures
  • Rebecca Marks, Education and Psychology
  • Mariel Martinez Alvarez, Romance Languages and Literatures
  • Allyssa Memmini, Movement Science
  • Edward Nolan, Classical Studies
  • Chao Ren, History
  • Nick Seewald, Statistics
  • Jeff Spencer, Chemistry
  • Sarah Stilwell, Education and Psychology
  • Andrea Ventola, Civil Engineering
  • Aya Waller-Bey, Sociology
  • Rachel Elizabeth Weissler, Linguistics
  • Kerry White, American Culture
  • Phoenix Williams, Chemistry
  • Hilary Zedlitz, Political Science


  • Devika Bagchi, Molecular and Integrative Physiology
  • Nicole Brass, Education and Psychology
  • Molly Brookfield, Women’s Studies and History
  • Andrew Cabaniss, Classical Art and Archaeology
  • Shamsheer Singh Chauhan, Aerospace Engineering
  • Amelia Couture, Communication Studies
  • Harley Dutcher, Women’s Studies and Psychology
  • Jacob Haley, Mathematics
  • Kathryn Holihan, Germanic Languages and Literatures
  • Benjamin Hollenbach, Anthropology
  • Michael Hua, Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences
  • Christina Kang-Yun, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Evgenia Kitaevich, Political Science
  • Joanna Larson, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • Aidyn Osgood, History
  • Ebony Perouse-Harvey, Educational Studies
  • Yourdanis Sedarous, Linguistics
  • Marcus Sherman, Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics
  • Puneet Singh, Aerospace Engineering
  • Grace Zanotti, Comparative Literature


  • Sahin Acikgoz, Comparative Literature
  • Tiwaloluwa Ajibewa, Kinesiology
  • Dominique Bouavichith, Linguistics
  • Laura Burdick, Computer Science and Engineering
  • Sara Chadwick, Women’s Studies and Psychology
  • Marisol Fila, Romance Languages and Literatures
  • Colleen Frank, Psychology
  • Joseph Gamble, Women’s Studies and English
  • Justin Heck, Political Science
  • Daniel Irvine, Mathematics
  • Seanna Leath, Education and Psychology
  • Sarah McKellar, Education and Psychology
  • Stephen McNamara, Chemistry
  • Jillian Myers, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • Timothy NeCamp, Statistics
  • Alessio Ponzio, Women’s Studies and History
  • Jasmine Powell, Mathematics
  • Michael Schleh, Kinesiology
  • Matthew Villeneuve, History
  • Esther Grace Witte, English Language and Literature


  • Mara Bollard, Philosophy
  • Priscila Calatayud Fernandez, Romance Languages and Literatures
  • Alexandria Caple, Psychology
  • Martin Dwelle, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Salem Elzway, History
  • Samuel Haltenhof, Economics
  • Trevor Hyde, Mathematics
  • Jessica Joslin, Higher Education
  • Tugce Kayaal, Near Eastern Studies
  • Leigh Korey, Comparative Literature
  • Joseph Kraisler, Mathematics
  • Vincent Longo, Screen Arts and Cultures
  • Brittany Maugeri, History and Women’s Studies
  • Natalie McCauley, Slavic Languages and Literature
  • Joseph Paki, Physics
  • Kara Palmer, Kinesiology
  • Zachary Schudson, Psychology and Women’s Studies
  • Elizabeth Tacke, English and Education
  • Lisa Walsh, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • Jana Wilbricht, Communication Studies


  • Ariana Bancu, Linguistics
  • Noah Blan, History
  • Charlotte Chan, Mathematics
  • Chelsea Fisher, Anthropology
  • Joshua Hubbard, History and Women’s Studies
  • Benjamin Ireland, Romance Languages and Literatures
  • Thomas Jenkinson, Ecology and Environmental Biology
  • Anna Johnson, Asian Languages and Cultures
  • Neveser Koker, Political Science
  • Bob Lutz, Mathematics
  • Rachel Miller, American Culture
  • Ha Thi Thu Nguyen, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Elizabeth Nijdam, Germanic Languages and Literatures
  • Patrick Pannuto, Computer Science and Engineering
  • Emma Park, History
  • Justin Randall, Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology
  • Jennifer Rubin, Psychology and Women’s Studies
  • Adrienne Woods, Education and Psychology
  • Alon Yakter, Political Science
  • Yevgeniy Yesilevskiy, Mechanical Engineering


  • Brandon Carter, Mathematics
  • Melissa Chalmers, Information
  • Jesse Crosson, Political Science
  • Tara Diener, Anthropology and History
  • Paulina Duda, Slavic Languages and Literatures
  • Ludmila Ferrari, Romance Languages and Literatures
  • Sara Grewal, Comparative Literature
  • James Hammond, English and Education
  • Benjamin Katz, Education and Psychology
  • Joo Young Lee, American Culture
  • Cheng-Wei Lin, Near Eastern Studies
  • Angela Lyle, Educational Studies
  • Ellen McGinnis, Psychology
  • Alyssa Penick, History
  • Angy Perez-Martinez, Epidemiology
  • Jeff Pettibone, Psychology
  • Sahithya Reddivari, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Logan Scherer, English Language and Literature
  • Nils-Hennes Stear, Philosophy
  • Christopher Sullivan, Economics


  • Jacqueline Antonovich, History
  • Jessica Beck, Anthropology
  • Jordan Boothe, Chemistry
  • Paul Brehm, Economics
  • Lauren Eriks, English Language and Literature
  • Corey Everlove, Mathematics
  • Garrett Felber, American Culture
  • Drew Foster, Sociology
  • Katherine Goldey, Psychology
  • Jennifer Goldschmied, Psychology
  • James Juett, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Hannah McMurray, Germanic Languages and Literatures
  • Christopher Parsons, English and Education
  • Katy Peplin, Screen Arts and Cultures
  • Veronica Rabelo, Psychology and Women’s Studies
  • Charles Sebens, Philosophy
  • Frank Sedlar, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Albana Shehaj, Political Science
  • Brooke Ullery, Mathematics
  • Ignacio Villagran, Asian Languages and Cultures


  • Apoorva Bansal, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Kevin Carde, Mathematics
  • Clinton Carlson, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Brandon Carpenter, Cell and Developmental Biology
  • Ben Lusher, Business Administration and Public Policy
  • James Henderson, Statistics
  • Kathryn Holland, Psychology and Women’s Studies
  • Melissa Johnson, History
  • Jaqueline Larios, History
  • Katherine Lennard, American Culture
  • Baruani Mshale, Natural Resources and Environment
  • Daniel Porter, Psychology
  • David Renardy, Mathematics
  • Jae-Young Shim, Linguistics
  • Rohan Sud, Philosophy
  • Sarah Sutter, Slavic Languages and Literatures
  • Britney Wardecker, Psychology
  • Jessica Wiederspan, Social Work and Sociology
  • Grace Winschel, Chemistry


  • Chloe Armstrong, Philosophy
  • Nicholas Block, Germanic Languages and Literatures
  • Russell Bornschein, Chemistry
  • Clara Bosak-Schroeder, Classical Studies
  • Lindsay Bowman, Psychology
  • Eric Brown, Linguistics
  • Andre Cavalcante, Communication Studies
  • William Chopik, Psychology
  • Emily Clader, Mathematics
  • Sara Crider, Social Work and Sociology
  • Sakib Elahi, Biomedical Engineering
  • Andrew Gurstelle, Anthropology
  • Nathan Harris, Center for the Study of Higher and Postsecondary Education
  • Joseph Ho, History
  • Cree Jones, Public Policy and Law
  • Thomas Leach, Asian Languages and Cultures
  • William Lloyd, Biomedical Engineering
  • Stephanie Moody, English and Education
  • Richard Pierre, Comparative Literature
  • Jessica Steinberg, Political Science


  • Thomas Akiva, Education and Psychology
  • Yanina Arnold, Slavic Languages and Literatures
  • Sarah Barbrow, Information
  • Mary Elizabeth Bartlett, Natural Resources and Environment
  • Ryan Bremner, Psychology
  • Steven Edmund, Chemical Engineering
  • Warren Herold, Philosophy
  • Joseph Horton, English Language and Literature
  • Naji Husseini, Applied Physics
  • Alexander Johnson-Buck, Chemistry
  • Marcial Lapp, Industrial and Operations Engineering
  • Danielle Lillge, English and Education
  • Ben J. Niu, Economics
  • Alexander Olson, American Culture
  • Sukanya Punthambaker, Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology
  • Shani Ross, Biomedical Engineering
  • Kristine Schutz, Education
  • Kathryn Sederberg, Germanic Languages and Literatures
  • Mark Shoemaker, Mathematics
  • Matthew Weber, Urban and Regional Planning


  • Ismail Alatas, Anthropology and History
  • Heather Beasley, Educational Studies
  • Stephen Campbell, Philosophy
  • Roy Chen, Economics
  • Hannah Dickinson, English and Education
  • Walter Ethan Eagle, Aerospace Engineering
  • Brandon Erickson, Physics
  • Molly Hatcher, English and Women Studies
  • Melanie Henderson, Psychology
  • Carrie Hosman, Statistics
  • Seth Howes, Germanic Languages and Literatures
  • Traci Kennedy, Psychology
  • Fani Lauermann, Education and Psychology
  • Alex Lechler, Geological Sciences
  • Ya-Wen Lei, Sociology
  • Remy Lequesne, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Katherine Superfisky, Natural Resources and the Environment
  • Lynn Verduzco Baker, Women’s Studies and Sociology
  • Bonnie Washick, Political Science
  • Ori Weisberg, English Language and Literature


  • Yaa Cole, Educational Studies
  • Natalie Cotton, Sociology, Business Administration
  • Alison Duvall, Geological Sciences
  • Jason Duvall, Natural Resources and Environment
  • Brendan Epstein, Economics
  • Jennifer Finn, Greek and Roman History
  • Brett Fling, Kinesiology
  • Brian Girard, Educational Studies
  • Solveig Heinz, Germanic Languages and Literatures
  • Daniel Hernandez, Mathematics
  • Daniel Johnson, Mechanical Engineering
  • Michael Kicey, Comparative Literature
  • Stephanie Linn, Cellular and Molecular Biology
  • Jennifer McFarlane-Harris, Women’s Studies, English Language and Literature
  • Nathaniel Mills, English Language and Literature
  • Roisin O’Mara, Psychology
  • Bethany Percha, Physics
  • Paul Poast, Political Science
  • Desdamona Rios, Women’s Studies, Psychology
  • Kimberly Wolske, Natural Resources and Environment


  • Mary Askren, Psychology
  • Ryan Bebej, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • James Beitler, Joint Program in English and Education
  • Jerel Calzo, Psychology
  • Eric Cook, School of Information
  • David Heetderks, School of Music, Theatre, and Dance – Department of Music Theory
  • Lauren Hirshberg, History
  • Daniel Horton, Geological Sciences
  • Sara Jackson, Germanic Languages and Literatures
  • Menan Jangu, School of Natural Resources and Environment
  • Dan Katz, Political Science
  • David Lorch, Biomedical Engineering
  • Porscha McRobbie, Physics
  • Sridevi Nair, Women’s Studies and English
  • Monica Patterson, Doctoral Program in Anthropology and History
  • Brent Rosso, Psychology
  • Staci Shultz, Joint Program in English and Education
  • David Smith, Political Science
  • Timothy Sundell, Philosohpy
  • Lee Ann Wang, American Culture


  • Carmela Alcantara, Psychology
  • Michael Andre, Germanic Languages and Literatures
  • Carlos Biaz, Chemistry
  • Millington Bergeson Lockwood, History
  • Vanessa Carbonell, Philosophy
  • Heather Fuller-Iglesias, Psychology
  • Ela Gezen, Germanic Languages and Literatures
  • Libby Hemphill, School of Information
  • Susan Lin, Linguistics
  • Sharon Marquart, Romance Languages and Literatures
  • Jared Maruskin, Mathematics
  • Herle McGowan, Statistics
  • Robin Nelson, Anthropology
  • Ross O’Connell, Physics
  • Rebekah Pite, Women’s Studies and History
  • Leanne Powner, Political Science
  • Joshua Reno, Anthropology
  • Eric Sims, Economics
  • Heather Thomson Bunn, English Language andLiterature (Joint Program in English and Education
  • Jennifer Yim, W omen’s Studies and Psychology


  • Mahesh Agarwal, Mathematics
  • Ron Alquist, Economics
  • Daniel Arroyo-Rodriguez, Romance Languages and Literature
  • David Dick, Philosophy
  • Eva Marie Dubuisson, Anthropology
  • Paul Feigenbaum, English Language and Literature
  • Catherine Fortin, Linguistics
  • Annemarie Hindman, Psychology
  • Clayton Howard, History
  • Elizabeth Keren-Kolb, School of Education
  • Peter Lawless, History
  • Silvia Marchetti, Romance Languages and Literature
  • Krista McGuire, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • Derek Nee, Psychology
  • Kari Neely, Near Eastern Studies
  • Lee Newman, Psychology
  • Tamara Shreiner, Education
  • Khuram Siddiqui, Political Science
  • Jason Taylor, Environment
  • David Whipp, Geological Sciences
  • Amanda Zellmer, Biology


  • Rosario Aguilar, Political Science
  • Yann Bernard, Mathematics
  • Aimee Cox, Anthropology
  • Brad Damare, Slavic Languages and Literatures
  • Todd Decker, Musicology
  • Lisa Del Torto, Linguistics
  • Daniel Goble, Kinesiology
  • Lloyd Grieger, Public Policy
  • Derek Hansen, Information
  • Jennifer Lutman, English and Education
  • Lauren McArthur, Educational Studies
  • Zachariah Miller, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • Enrique Neblett, Psychology
  • Justine Pas, American Culture
  • Akarin Phaibulpanich, Statistics
  • Cathleen Power, Women’s Studies and Psychology
  • Laurie Sleep, Educational Studies
  • Stacy Swennes, Germanic Languages and Literatures
  • Kan Takeuchi, Asian Languages and Cultures
  • Monicka Tutschka, Political Science


  • Amit Ahuja, Political Science
  • Christopher Becker, Slavic Languages and Literatures
  • Prosanta Chakrabarty, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • Jeremiah Chamberlin, English Language and Literature
  • Nathan Connolly, History
  • Matthew D’Andrea-Merrins, Molecular and Integrative Physiology
  • Peter Esselman, Natural Resources and Environment
  • Victoria Gardner, Near Eastern Studies
  • Jennifer Kennell , Cellular and Molecular Biology
  • Edward Knotek, Economics
  • Sara La Lumia, Economics
  • Jill Lamberton, English and Education
  • Kirsten Olds, History of Art
  • Keith Pecor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • Amy Rauer, Psychology
  • Ryan Rynbrandt, Political Science
  • Maria Victoria Roth, Romance Languages and Literatures
  • Tracie Rubeck, American Culture
  • Periandros Samothrakis, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Nicole Zarrett, Psychology


  • Jim Brown, Mathematics
  • Tyler Cornelius, American Culture
  • Sarah Croco, Political Science
  • Steven Daskal, Philosophy
  • Jennie Evenson, English Language and Literature
  • Thomas Flores, Political Science
  • Erika Gasser, History
  • Katherine Guthrie, Economics
  • Anne-Lise Halvorsen, School of Education
  • Britt Halvorson, Anthropology
  • Christie Hartley, Philosophy
  • Madelaine Hron, Comparative Literature
  • Katia Koelle, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • Julie Konik, Psychology
  • Christopher A. Lee, School of Information
  • Jonathon Lanning, Economics
  • Erika Lunkenheimer, Psychology
  • Jennifer L. Palmer, Women’s Studies Program
  • Michael Rimier, Economics
  • Mila Shevchenko, Slavic Languages and Literatures


  • John A. Bernat, Jr., Human Genetics
  • Benedicte Boisseron, Romance Languages and Literatures
  • Alaine Camfield and Matthew Dietz (joint award), Natural Resources
  • Remy Debes, Philosophy
  • Vera Eremeeva, Germanic Languages and Literatures/Slavic Languages and Literatures
  • J. Paul Hamilton, Psychology
  • Michael Hanmer, Political Science
  • Julica Hermann, Sociology
  • Dana Infante, Natural Resources
  • William Jenkins, Psychology
  • Colin Johnson, American Culture
  • Herman Kamil, Economics
  • Jennifer Karlin, Industrial and Operations Engineering
  • Jennifer May Lee, School of Information
  • Maureen McDonnell, Women’s Studies
  • Megan McGuigan, Chemistry
  • Joseph Peschio, Slavic Languages and Literatures
  • Ilka Rasch, Germanic Languages and Literatures
  • Mario Ruiz, History
  • Charles P. Samenow, Health Behavior and Health Education
  • Ping-Cheng (Benson) Yeh, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


  • Paul Alexander, Mechanical Engineering
  • Yong Chen, Industrial and Operations Engineering
  • Donald DiPaolo, Education
  • William Fantegrossi, Psychology
  • Karen Hinkle, Physiology
  • Ryan Hudson, Political Science
  • Valerie Laken, English Language and Literature
  • Siwook Lee, Economics
  • Eric Marsman, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Lori McMann, Romance Languages and Literatures
  • Todd Menna, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Mike Millar, Romance Languages and Literatures
  • Ali Mohraz, Chemical Engineering
  • Michael Sasena, Mechanical Engineering
  • Nathaniel Schaefle, Chemistry
  • Sam Sommers, Psychology
  • Beth Sparks-Jackson, Natural Resources and Environment
  • Suzanne Spring, English and Education
  • Eva Wampuszyc, Slavic Languages and Literatures
  • Mara Zimmerman, Biology


  • Joseph Gonzalez, Lloyd Scholars Program/History
  • Robert Gray, History
  • Sean Henne, English and Education
  • Heather B. Holleman, English Language and Literature
  • Mahmoud Hussein, Mechanical Engineering
  • Emma Hutchinson, Economics
  • John Kang, Political Science
  • Shannon McAuley, Biology
  • Kathleen McShane, Philosophy
  • Joseph Mikels, Psychology
  • Kristina Miler, Political Science
  • Margarita Nafpaktitis, Center for Russian and East European Studies/Slavic Languages and Literatures
  • Colleen O’Brien, English Language and Literature
  • Ryan O’Connor, Natural Resources and Environment
  • Melissa Peet, Women’s Studies/Education
  • Susan Rogala, Psychology
  • Luis Schiesari, Biology
  • Anna Smith, History
  • Bruno Sousa, Statistics
  • LeeAnn Sutherland, Education
  • Mary Wright, Sociology


  • Maitri Aung-Thwin, History
  • Chayawadee Chai-Anant, Economics
  • Louis Cicciarelli, English Language and Literature
  • Olivia Gabor, Germanic Languages and Literatures
  • Dan Horn, Psychology
  • Robert Karpinski, Psychology
  • Ashby Kinch, English Language and Literature
  • Miroslav Kummel, Biology
  • Anamaria Lopez Anderson, Romance Languages and Literatures
  • Steven Mazie, Political Science
  • Kristen McGuire, History
  • Irfan Nooruddin, Political Science
  • Onsuwan Chutamanee, Linguistics
  • Douglas Rogers, Center for Russian and Eastern European Studies/Anthropology
  • Bruce Spencer, Germanic Languages and Literatures
  • Nicole Stanton, American Culture
  • Deanne Taylor, Chemistry
  • Pam Vasquez-Kim, English and Education
  • Laura White, Natural Resources and Environment
  • William Lindsay Whitlow, Biology


  • Theresa Braunschneider, Women’s Studies/English
  • Aaron Crumm, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Kristen Dombkowski, History
  • Kimberly Hall, Natural Resources and Environment
  • Suzanne “Celery” Kovinsky, Philosophy
  • Anna Kuxhausen, History
  • Stephanie Lindemann, Linguistics
  • Marc Melitz, Economics
  • Andrew Mertha, Political Science
  • Joe Moreau, American Culture
  • Glenn Palmgren, Natural Resources and Environment
  • Karen Parker, Psychology
  • Scott Parsell, Mathematics
  • Marc Schlossberg, Urban and Regional Planning
  • Sheila Schueller, Biology
  • Jennifer Sinor, English and Education
  • Marek Steedman, Political Science
  • James Zimmerman, Chemistry


  • Joseph Bailey, Germanic Languages and Literatures
  • Christopher Baraloto, Biology
  • Jason Barrett, History
  • M. Mani Chacko, Business Administration
  • Denise DeGarmo, Political Science
  • Robert Feyen, Industrial and Operations Engineering
  • Elise Frasier, English Language and Literature
  • Troy Gordon, English Language and Literature
  • Amaney Jamal, Political Science
  • Daniel Kashian, Natural Resources and Environment
  • Bryant Marks, Psychology
  • Katherine Masur, American Culture
  • Leah Meeuwenberg, Chemistry
  • Christopher O’Neal, Biology
  • Bonnie Robinson, Natural Resources and Environment
  • Samuel Ruhmkorff, Philosophy
  • Jessica Silbey, Law/Comparative Literature
  • David Stephenson, Mathematics
  • Sabrina Watson Tyuse, Social Work and Social Science
  • Connie Wolfe, Psychology


  • Bryan Alexander, English Language and Literature
  • Jeffrey Bernstein, Political Science
  • William Cosnowski, Jr., Chemical Engineering/Law
  • Joseph Gardner, Chemistry
  • Manyul Im, Philosophy
  • Barbara Hofer, Combined Program in Education and Psychology
  • Ian Kearney, Economics
  • Bradley L. Killaly, Business Administration
  • Volker Krause, Political Science
  • Amanda Lewis, Sociology
  • Linda McAllister, Sociology
  • Kellie Ann McElhaney, Education, teaching for Business Administration
  • Eric Monson, Applied Physics, teaching for Chemistry
  • Samuela Pollack, Nuclear Engineering
  • Rick Relyea, Biology
  • Elizabeth Rust, Physiology
  • Michael Sell, English Language and Literature
  • Kathryn Stevinson, Dance
  • Deborah Vincent, Nursing
  • Dale Winter, Mathematics


  • Yanming An, Asian Languages and Cultures
  • Scott Aversano, English Language and Literature
  • H. Austin Booth, English Language and Literature/Women’s Studies
  • Paul Freedman, Political Science
  • David Goldfinger, Psychology
  • Erik Hurst, Economics
  • Jessica Johnson, Music
  • Ronald Kalnas, Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics
  • Carole McGranahan, Anthropology
  • Michele McNulty, History of Art
  • Jol? Mowry-Hanley, Nursing
  • Regina O’Neill, Business Administration: Organizational Behavior
  • Matthew Rosen, Physics
  • Aurora Sherman, Psychology
  • Michelle Wright, Comparative Literature


  • Paul Bacdayan, Business Administration: Organizational Behavior
  • Lisa Barnes, Psychology
  • Kaitlin Browman, Psychology
  • Sandra Eyster, Sociology
  • Miranda Hickman, English Language and Literature
  • Nadeem Hussain, Philosophy
  • Brian Kirby, Aerospace/Chemical Engineering
  • Giorgio Secondi, Economics
  • Peter Sherman, Natural Resources and Environment/Biology
  • Joan Sitomer, Political Science


  • Michelle Chilcoat, Romance Languages and Literatures
  • Todd DeStigter, English and Education
  • Kenneth Goldstein, Political Science
  • David A. Guinee, Classical Studies
  • Tricia Kinsman, Political Science
  • Lena S. Nicolai, Biology
  • Andrea Parecki, Psychology
  • Gregory Shaya, History
  • Julie Steiff, English Language and Literature
  • Robert E. Thurman, Mathematics


  • Stephen Behnke, Psychology
  • Reshela DuPuis, American Culture
  • Michael Gamer, English Language and Literature
  • Sarah Kleaveland, Economics
  • Midori Koga, Music
  • Todd Cameron Shaw, Political Science
  • Karen Smith, Mathematics
  • Victoria Veenstra, Art
  • Liliane Viviani, Romance Languages and Literatures
  • Caroline Winterer, History


  • Tammy Alspector, Philosophy
  • Diane Austin, Natural Resources
  • Armando Brito, Romance Languages and Literatures
  • Robert Carr, Geological Sciences
  • Say Song Goh, Mathematics
  • Craig Howe, Anthropology/American Culture
  • Catherine L. Luschinsky, Biological Chemistry
  • Doug Shaw, Mathematics
  • Satoshi Uehara, Linguistics
  • Martha Umphrey, American Culture


  • Robin Cunningham, Mathematics
  • Steven Fein, Psychology
  • Claudia Herman, Comparative Literature
  • Deborah Keyek-Franssen, Germanic Languages and Literatures
  • Timothy P. O’Connor, Biology
  • Julie Opiteck, Movement Sciences/Kinesiology
  • Chin-Sook Pak, Romance Languages and Literatures
  • John Staud, English Language and Literature
  • Ann Wood, Germanic Languages and Literatures
  • Olga Yiparaki, Mathematics


  • Kostas Axarloglou, Economics
  • Eric Caplan, History
  • Elizabeth Economy, Political Science
  • Maria Joan Ellis, Biology
  • Davis Hsiung, History
  • Michael J. Kantor, Mathematics
  • Louis Markos, English Language and Literature
  • Jeffrey Spinner, Political Science
  • Mary Ann Van Poelvoorde, History
  • Marilyn Wedenoja, Social Work and Social Sciences


  • Heather Bryant Jordan, English Language and Literature
  • Joanne Brzinski, Political Science
  • Sandra Diane Ems, Education
  • Ann Frank, English Language and Literature
  • Mae Jones, Romance Languages and Literatures
  • Joel Kaji, Political Science
  • Tiina Kirss, Comparative Literature
  • An Nguyen, Physics
  • John Michael Olson, Biology
  • Alexander Stanoyevitch, Mathematics


  • Michael Adams, English Language and Literature
  • David Auckly, Pilot Program/Mathematics
  • Cathy Fleischer, English Language and Literature
  • Brenda Gunderson, Statistics
  • Sarah Hooker, Economics
  • Alastair Johnston, Political Science
  • Fred Kellam, Psychology
  • Sally Silk, Romance Languages and Literatures (French)
  • Susan Staples, Mathematics
  • Ximena Zuniga, Women’s Studies


  • Marcus Asner, Pilot Program/Mathematics
  • Beth Baldwin, English Language and Literature
  • Mary Flores, English Language and Literature
  • David Gray, Economics
  • Cheryl Hyde, Social Work and Social Sciences
  • Elizabeth Kirkpatrick, Biology
  • Kenneth Plochinski, Mathematics
  • Connie Rosati, Philosophy
  • K. Scott Wong, American Culture
  • Denise Wydra, Political Science


  • John Barbaret, Romance Languages and Literatures (French)
  • David T. Burkam, Mathematics
  • Peter Karl Ducey, Biological Sciences
  • Vincent J. Ferlini, Mathematics
  • Bonnie Hagerty, Nursing
  • John Jordan, American Culture
  • Matthew Kerbel, Political Science
  • Don Loeb, Philosophy
  • Hugh D. McGuinness, Biological Sciences
  • Richard Sax, English Language and Literature


  • Carleen LePage, Romance Languages
  • Paul D. Erb, Great Books/Comparative Literature
  • Robert W. Gensemer, Biological Sciences
  • Gary Garrison, Communication
  • Drew Westen, Psychology
  • John Scanlan, Pilot Program/English Language and Literature
  • Jefford B. Vahlbusch, Germanic Languages and Literatures
  • Melanie C. Hawthorne, Romance Languages and Literatures
  • Melanie Manion, Political Science
  • Robert McCalla, Political Science


  • Louis J. Erste, Political Science
  • Barbara Greenfield, Pilot Program/Psychology
  • David Herron, Mathematics
  • Josephine Hobson, Pilot Program and Social Work
  • David K. Karowe, Biological Sciences
  • Paul E. O’Donnell, Romance Languages and Literatures
  • Penney F. Pierce, Nursing
  • Peter A. Pridmore, Zoology
  • David L. Ward, English Language and Literature
  • John Pat Willerton, Political Science


  • Joseph H. Denny, Pilot Program/Slavic Languages and Literatures
  • Martin J. Gassler, Classical Studies
  • Cathy Johnson, Political Science
  • Bill Knox, Pilot Program/English and Education
  • Melvin Luetkens, Chemistry
  • Ele Marenghi, Linguistics
  • Michael Sullivan, Environmental and Industrial Health
  • Christine Weidman, History
  • Thomas Will, Biological Sciences

1981 -1982

  • William Bartels, Geological Sciences
  • Celia Easton, Pilot Program
  • Gemma Galli, Romance Languages and Literatures
  • Susan Gardner, English Language and Literature
  • Mark Hosley, Biological Sciences
  • Jeffrey Mirel, Education
  • H. W. Perry, Political Science
  • Paula Rabinowitz, American Culture
  • Laura Seager-Baddeley, English Language and Literature
  • Antonio Vitti, Romance Languages and Literatures


  • Marcia J. Bombyk, Women’s Studies
  • Fay M. Edwards, Natural Resources
  • George D. Greenia, Romance Languages and Literatures
  • Vincent W. Hylka, Zoology
  • Deborah P. Ross, Classical Studies
  • Bernard Pace, American Culture
  • Miriam Pemberton, English Language and Literature
  • Marcy C. Sies, History
  • Ralph D. Story, English Language and Literature
  • Kerry S. Walter, Botany


  • Kathleen S. Cook, Biological Chemistry
  • Patricia M. Dillon, Biological Sciences
  • John Douglass, Pilot Program
  • Richard D. Elmore, Geological Sciences
  • William H. Kincaid, Political Science
  • Celia A. Hooper, Biological Sciences
  • Patricia McAskin, American Culture
  • Thomas P. Rochon, Political Science
  • Paula Rubenstein, English Language and Literature
  • Robert E. Sandstrom, Engineering


  • Catherine Bach, Biological Sciences
  • Patricia Baodoin, Residential College
  • Johnny Brown, Mathematics
  • Lois Kalloway, History
  • Sandra Hinghorn, Sociology
  • Ross Koning, Biological Sciences
  • Alan J. Levy, Political Science
  • Stacey Olster, English Language and Literature
  • R. Jean Stout, English Language and Literature


  • Carol Augspurger, Biological Sciences
  • Gary D. Bass, Psychology
  • David C. Brassfield, English Language and Literature
  • Thomas F. Flynn, English Language and Literature
  • Neal D. Gabler, Humanities
  • Kevin Kramer, Political Science
  • Victoria Sork, Biological Sciences
  • Patricia A. Thomas, English Language and Literature
  • Gregory W. Trianosky, Philosophy


  • Carol Chillington, English Language and Literature
  • Arthur Gold, Pilot Program
  • Stewart Jacoby, History
  • Frederick A. Johnson, Biological Chemistry
  • Yvonne Johnson, Music Education
  • John P. Katosh, Political Science
  • Kenneth Newbury, Psychology
  • Andrew Stephenson, Biological Sciences
  • Russell Tomlin, Linguistics
  • Vishakha Walker, History of Art


  • Cynthia Carey, Biological Sciences
  • Irvin Y. Hashimoto, English Language and Literature
  • Jeffery Koenigs, Natural Resources
  • T. Lawrence Millichamp, Biological Sciences
  • Ralph Ohde, Physical Medicine
  • Stephen Risch, Biological Sciences
  • Virginia Sapiro, Political Science
  • Rebecca Schrader, Political Science
  • Leonard Suransky, Education
  • R. C. Alexander, Psychology and John Orr, Psychology (Special Shared Award)


  • Carey Angelos, Educational Psychology
  • Luis Argueta, Romance Languages
  • Richard Calfee, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Mary Edwards, Residential College
  • Brenda Kee, Music
  • Gloria Levin, Psychology
  • Richard Lichtenstein, Medical Care Organization
  • Sanford Weinberg, Speech
  • Paul John Will, Religious Studies
  • John Winston, Mathematics


  • Marthalee S. Barton, English Language and Literature
  • Gilles R. Davignon, Industrial and Operations Engineering
  • Timothy C. Evens, Biological Chemistry
  • William J. Freeland, Zoology
  • John L. Hoogland, Zoology
  • Charles A Horowitz, Mathematics
  • Pamela A. Johns, Zoology
  • Elizabeth Judd, English Language and Literature
  • Robert C. Simpson, Natural Resources
  • Barbara A. Tyler, Classical Studies


  • Peter Becker, Zoology
  • William Durham, Zoology
  • Michael L. Hays, English Language and Literature
  • John M. Huh, Geological Sciences
  • Gus Pappas, English Language and Literature
  • Patricia M. Paulsell, Germanic Languages and Literatures
  • Wilmer K. Schnure, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Gregory I. Stevens, Comparative Literature
  • Jack Thompson, History
  • Steven N. Trautwein, Zoology