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Changes to Existing Programs

To ensure that program information and degree audits are accurate, the Graduate School must be informed of changes to degree or certificate programs before they are implemented.

Major Changes

The Graduate School must approve requests for substantive revisions to curriculum and requirements that affect the scope or nature of the program. Extensive revisions may require review by the Rackham Executive Board. Major changes include:

  • A new mission or focus, including change of program name.
  • Modifications to admission requirements.
  • Any change that has implications for student career prospects.
  • Change in the number of required credit hours.
  • Alteration of candidacy requirements for Ph.D. programs.
  • The provision of half or more of instruction online.
  • A relaxation of requirements for training in quantitative methods.
  • For interdepartmental programs, the withdrawal of a collaborating department or program, or the participation of a new academic unit.

A detailed explanation must be submitted that discusses the difference between the existing and revised programs, the rationale, anticipated impact, and confirmation of faculty approval. Chairs or directors of all units involved in the program must be informed and provide written approval to the Graduate School. Requests and supporting documentation should be sent to Assistant Dean John Godfrey (936-1647).

Minor Changes

Changes to program curriculum that must be reported to Rackham OARD for degree audit purposes but do not require approval, include:

  • Revisions to cognate requirements.
  • Changes to foreign language requirements.
  • Revisions to thesis/capstone project requirements.
  • Addition of a new sub-plan or cancellation of an existing one.

Minor changes that can be made without reporting include:

  • Introduction of a new core course to replace an existing one.
  • Course changes that do not affect the number of required credit hours.