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Holistic Admissions

Rackham recognizes that the discontinuation of the GRE presents a particular challenge for the small number of programs that continue to rely on the GRE in doctoral admissions. In addition, we understand that the development and implementation of truly holistic admissions practices requires ongoing work for all doctoral programs. To address these needs, Rackham has developed mechanisms to support individual programs in the development and implementation of holistic admission best practices.

Summer Funding for Rackham Programs to Support GRE Discontinuation Transition

For summer 2024, Rackham will provide funding for up to three faculty members to work on revisions to their program’s admissions process; the level of summer salary funding is one half-month of a summer ninth.

Holistic Admissions Consultation

Since May 2022, a team of holistic admissions experts have been available to work with the admissions committee of individual programs to evaluate current admissions practices and provide guidance and recommendations tailored for a program’s goals and needs.

Holistic Admissions Best Practices

Holistic admissions practices evaluate the skills, experience, knowledge, and potential of an applicant by considering the academic, professional, and personal record along multiple dimensions. Through these practices, components of the graduate application that are most reflective of an applicant’s accomplishments and promise are identified and used for admissions decisions.

Responsibilities of Graduate Admissions Committees

Faculty and university goals for access, opportunity, and excellence in graduate education are strongly impacted by the work of faculty serving on graduate admissions committees.

Data Collection and Analysis

Rackham’s Institutional Research team will continue to collect and analyze data on recruitment, admissions, and the student life cycle as part of their research program; in this way, changes across many dimensions that correlate with GRE general test discontinuation can be identified. Rackham data can also be made available to individual doctoral programs or faculty for their own research purposes. For more information, please contact Rackham Institutional Research.

At the conclusion of the 2024–25 admissions cycle, the impact of removing the GRE in doctoral admissions will be evaluated using all generated data. The effectiveness of the support structures for admissions committees will also be assessed.